6 Tips to Avoid Cravings, Stop Mood Swings and Boost Your Energy

/6 Tips to Avoid Cravings, Stop Mood Swings and Boost Your Energy/

6 Tips to Avoid Cravings, Stop Mood Swings and Boost Your Energy

If you need a mid-afternoon pick me up in the form of a sugary snack or coffee boost to get you through the rest of the day, that's a good indicator that your blood sugar level is out of balance. Stabilizing your blood sugar is one of the easiest steps you can take to feel more [...]

Functional Medicine: When Your Doctor Becomes A Detective

If you’ve never heard of functional medicine (FM) before or don’t know how it differs from conventional medicine, you’re not alone. Behind functional medicine is a wonderfully simple philosophy that treats the body as a whole, interconnected system which looks at mind, body, and spirit as contributing elements to a person’s overall state of health. Functional [...]

4 Reasons Lyme Disease May Go Undetected

Lyme disease is the most reported vector-borne illness (diseases transmitted through mosquitoes, tick and flea bites) in the United States. The CDC estimates that there are nearly 300,000 new cases every year – that’s an average of approximately 800 infections per day. People who are diagnosed early and receive proper treatment consisting of 28-30 day [...]

Tick Bites: What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Do If You Get One

Scientists' prediction that 2017 will be a bad year for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses shouldn't prevent you from enjoying the outdoors, but it does mean you should be aware of how to best protect yourself and what to do if you think you may have been bitten by a tick. Lyme Disease and [...]

  • yoga for chronic low back pain

Research Confirms This Ancient Practice Helps With Low Back Pain

We are at a crossroads in the applications of yoga for modern medicine. Traditionally, yoga was designed to promote harmony within the body and with the natural world. Modern medicine is now acknowledging that this ancient approach of breath practices, movement, and meditation is proving beneficial for an issue that plagues many Americans: back pain. [...]

  • pelvic floor dysfunction expert

Jeanne Scheele, P.T., Receives Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification

The Kaplan Center congratulates our Director of Physical Therapy, Jeanne Scheele, on earning her Certification as a Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner from the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute; a distinction of her expertise in treating pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD)! PFD has been a special interest for Jeanne over the last 20 years. She has worked [...]

Stop Eating These Foods, And Clear Up Your Brain!

Feeling unproductive? Fatigued? Having trouble concentrating? These are just some of the complaints associated with brain fog - or when your brain is not on top of its game. Brain fog is characterized by cognitive impairments to memory, attention, executive function, and the speed of cognitive processing. It is not a medical condition itself, but [...]

Moving Beyond Trauma: Healing Therapies for PTSD

Earlier this week, news of the horrific Manchester Arena bombing spread rapidly over the internet and news media, sending shock-waves worldwide. Innocent children and families were exposed to unimaginable and unforgettable events. For spectators, when events like this occur, it can trigger intense emotions ranging from feelings of anger, to sadness, confusion, fear, and even [...]

Essential Turmeric Oils: A Hopeful Treatment For Ulcerative Colitis

The positive health effects of turmeric have long been touted by age-old healers as well as modern science. Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent free radical damage and calm the inflammatory process at the root of many chronic diseases. However, the use of turmeric in treating chronic illness [...]

5 Steps For Better Health If You Have a Chronic Illness or Pain

Today, medical care is a highly specialized and compartmentalized business, and many physicians are pressured by significant time constraints. When your health problems are complex, it can be difficult and frustrating to find answers. Be your own advocate, don't be afraid to ask questions and seize control of your health.   5 Important Steps For Better Health When You Have [...]

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