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Total Recovery: Solving the Mystery of Chronic Pain and Depression

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Total Recovery Lecture Series: Getting Older & Learning Not To Hate It! Dr. Lisa Lilienfield on Healthy Aging.

What Can You Do During Nutrition Month? Why Are Our Doctors In Honduras? And, A New Featured Video…

Total Recovery Lecture Series: Inflammation & Obesity: A Troublesome Relationship

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Community Health Seminar – A Unique Treatment for Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Pain Conditions

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Mindfulness Strategies for Well-Being During the Holidays (and Beyond!)

A Gentle Way to Reduce Chronic Pain & Support Your Immune System

Where’s the “Itis”? Why Steroids & Ibuprofen Don’t Work on Most Pain Conditions.

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Are Your Patterns of Movement, Posture or Diet Causing Your Joint Pain?

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Core Stabilization: A Passport to a More Active You!

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Hormonal Balancing Over 40; Why It’s Essential and What to Do About It

Mothers Day: Hormonal Balancing and Honduran Mission

Mindfulness: A Contribution to Our Country
by Dr. Gary Kaplan (4/5/12)

Are Statins the Best Way of Preventing Heart Disease? (6 Ways to Reduce Your Cardiac Risk without Prescription Medication)
by Dr. Gary Kaplan (3/27/12)

Dark Chocolate: A Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Gift!
by Dr. Gary Kaplan (2/9/12)

Broken Heart Syndrome: It’s Real
by Dr. Gary Kaplan (1/25/2012)

Just What You Wanted for the New Year!
by Dr. Gary Kaplan (12/31/2011)

Happier Holidays with this Video!
from Dr. Gary Kaplan and the Kaplan Center Staff (12/22/11)

8 Tips To Help You Manage Your Medication
by Dr. Gary Kaplan (12/15/11)

Tips For Avoiding Colds and Flus
Vitamin and Magnesium Intravenous Infusions (IVs) can provide a quick & vigorous boost to your immune system by Dr. Gary Kaplan (12/8/11)

Will Going “Gluten-Free” Improve YOUR Health?
by Dr. Gary Kaplan (11/10/11)

Concussions: Know the Signs & Protect Your Mind
by Gary Kaplan, D.O. and Pat Alomar, P.T. (11/1/11)

Healthy Halloween Treats
by Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD (10/7/11)

Lymph Drainage Massage
A gentle way to reduce chronic pain & inflammation by Linda Glick, CMT (9/27/11)

Can Acupuncture Boost Fertility?
According to recent medical research it can, and here’s how by Dr. Lilienfield (9/13/11)

New Technology that Allows Your Doctor To Assess Your Sleep Problems at Home
by Dr. Gary Kaplan (8/29/11)

Three Ways to Prevent Migraines
(& a Word about Treatment) by Dr. Kaplan (8/29/2011)

How it can help resolve chronic joint, tendon & ligament pain by Dr. David Wang (8/18/11)

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Know the difference between myths & facts by Jeanne Scheele, PT (8/1/11)

7 Steps to Help You Prevent Painful Compression Fractures
Improving women’s Bone Health by Dr. Lisa Lilienfield (7/27/11)

Where to Buy Organic Food
The Best Sources of Fresh, Healthy Produce by Cheryl Harris, RD (6/29/11)

This Summer Have Fun, NOT Back Pain
Avoid back pain by taking these precautions by Dr. David Wang (5/23/11)

The Research Results Are In: Meditation is Good for Your Brain
If you want to improve your memory & health, meditate by Dr. Gary Kaplan (3/16/11)

Announcing Dr. David Wang
Please meet my dear friend and new colleague: Dr. Wang (1/4/11)

Bioidentical Hormones
Concerned about the safety of taking hormone replacements? by Dr. Lilienfield (2/1/11)

Do You Snore/Are You Tired?
Answering these 8 questions could lead you to better health by Dr. Kaplan (11/30/10)

IVs to Help You Avoid Colds & Flus
Stress at work or home? Feel a cold coming on? Upcoming air travel? Try an IV. (11/17/10)

What Food Labels Mean — In a Nutshell!
“Organic” to “free-range”: Do definitions matter? by Cheryl Harris, RD (10/10/10)

Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention
Does this essential vitamin have the answer? by Cheryl Harris (2/18/10)

Concerned about Taking Tylenol for Pain Relief?
Here are some alternatives by Dr. Kaplan (7/23/09)

Diagnosed with High Cholesterol?
Be sure that statins are right for you! by Dr. Kaplan (11/26/08)

Brain Health
Three steps to a better brain by Dr. Kaplan (10/13/08)