Dr. Gary Kaplan Talks to Healthcasts / Highlights from AAPM’s 25th Clinical Meeting

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In September, 2014, Dr. Gary Kaplan was invited to be one of the Keynote Speakers at the American Academy of Pain Management's 25th Annual Clinical Meeting. In his address, Dr. Kaplan discussed the key concepts [...]

Mindfulness Meditation as Therapy, Featuring Deborah Norris, PhD, 3-Part Video Series

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Dr. Gary Kaplan welcomes Deborah Norris, PhD, to discuss meditation as an effective clinical therapy for the treatment of numerous health conditions, including both mental and physical health. As the evidence-basis for using [...]

What’s Your Gut Feeling? 3-Part Video Series

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Did you know that an unhealthy gut can have adverse effects on your overall health? Most of us do not give much thought to our gut unless it is causing us symptoms that [...]

Dr. Gary Kaplan on NBC Washington’s News 4 Discussing Mold Exposure

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On Monday, September 8, 2014 Dr. Gary Kaplan appeared on NBC Washington News 4 to discuss the health impacts of mold exposure. When environmental toxins (from molds, insect bites, heavy metals, food preservatives, [...]

The Role of Acupuncture in Treating Sleep Disorders, 3-Part Video Series

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Chronic sleep deprivation can impair the body's immune system, physical reflexes, emotional stability, and cognitive functions. Severe sleep deprivation may lead to weight gain, an increase in muscle, joint & nerve pain, and [...]

Dirgha Pranayama: 3-Part Breath for Meditation

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Slow Pranayama (breath control) promotes relaxation by shifting the autonomic nervous system from the fight or flight sympathetic to the calming parasympathetic. This has been shown to positively affect immune function, hypertension, asthma, [...]

Total Recovery Book Lecture

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  On May 15, 2014 Dr. Gary Kaplan officially launched his new book Total Recovery: Solving the Mystery of Chronic Pain and Depression with a public book lecture at the Sheraton Premiere, Tysons Corner, Vienna, [...]

Dr. Gary Kaplan on NBC Washington’s News4 Midday

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On Wednesday May 21, 2014 Dr. Gary Kaplan appeared on NBC Washington's News4 Midday with Barbara Harrison. In this interview Dr. Kaplan discusses the key ideas in his new book Total Recovery: Solving the Mystery [...]

Total Recovery Lecture Series: Getting Older & Learning Not To Hate It

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Each new generation is living longer than ever before and thus faced with a unique set of challenges in the process of getting older. Dr. Lisa Lilienfield discussed these challenges and the key [...]

Total Recovery Lecture Series: Inflammation & Obesity: A Troublesome Relationship

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Obesity affects over one third of U.S. adults and continues to grow as a worldwide epidemic. Inflammation, which can have devastating effects on the body when chronic, can be related to the development of obesity [...]

A Different Body: The Organs According to Chinese Medicine, An Evening Lecture with Rebecca Berkson, L.Ac., Dipl.OM.

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Have you ever wanted to know more about how your organs interrelate? Or, about the importance of internal balance and harmony in order to heal your Mind, Body, and Spirit? Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have [...]

  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Total Recovery Lecture Series: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In The Treatment Of Lyme Disease & Other Chronic Illnesses

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On February 6, 2014, Dr. Gary Kaplan, founder and director of the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine in McLean, VA, invited Dr. Samuel Shor, an nationally recognized expert on Lyme disease to be the guest [...]

Total Recovery Lecture Series: Novel Treatments for Joint, Tendon & Ligament Pain

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Dr. David Wang, Harvard trained and Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, is an international leader in the growing field of Regenerative Injection Therapy, including Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection. [...]

  • Mindfulness

Total Recovery Lecture Series: Mindfulness Strategies for Transforming Your Relationship with Pain

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Jonathan Foust, a Senior Teacher with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and a Founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute of Washington, gives a talk entitled, “Mindfulness Strategies for Transforming Your Relationship With Pain [...]

  • gut-brain connection

The Gut-Brain Connection

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Nutrition & Its Role in Ending Chronic Pain A Community Health Lecture: October, 2013 In this 3-part video series, Gary Kaplan, DO, discusses: The neuro-physiological connection between the human gut and brain. The gut’s role [...]

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