Can Regenerative Medicine Help You? 3-Part Video Series

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In this 3-part series, Jeff Ericksen, MD, an expert in Regenerative Medicine, describes the effectiveness of using Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Therapy, and Stem-Cell Therapy to treat joint, tendon and muscle [...]

Naturally Healthy Bones: How to Prevent & Treat Osteoporosis, 3-Part Video Series

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Dr. Lisa Lilienfield discusses natural ways to increase bone strength in this three-part video series. Taking prescription medications can cause troublesome side effects in some patients, so Dr. Lisa recommends weight-bearing exercise, resistance [...]

Walking Barefoot, Squatting: Healthy Patterns of Movement, 3-Part Video Series

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In this 3-part series, Jeffery Ericksen, MD, board certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, emphasizes the importance of posture, patterns of movement, and diet to maintain optimal health. He explains how a few [...]

From the Inside-Out, Gut Health & You, 3-Part Video Series

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In Part 1 of this series Linda Timm, Registered Dietitian, explains the basics of our digestive process, its critical role in keeping us healthy, and what happens when it fails to function properly. [...]

  • Dr. Gary Kaplan speaking about CSS

Total Recovery Lecture Series: A New Approach to Diagnosing & Resolving Chronic Pain & Depression

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Many people who suffer from chronic pain also suffer with depression. In Part 1 of this 3-Part Video Series, Dr. Gary Kaplan lays the groundwork for understanding why we often see both of [...]

Central Sensitization Syndrome, 6-Part Video Series

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Central Sensitization Syndrome (CSS) is a new concept that provides a central nervous system link between fibromyalgia, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and potentially other chronic pain conditions. The co-occurrence of psychiatric conditions with chronic [...]

  • couples therapy for post traumatic stress disorder

Couples Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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On August 14, Dr. Gary Kaplan appeared on Channel 9's "Health Alert" segment. He was interviewed about new research on how to help those suffering with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by including their [...]

  • hormone therapy

Hormone Therapy: Myths & Current Research

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Lisa Lilienfield, MD, discusses the need for hormonal balancing over the age of 40. Hormonal fluctuations are common as we age and affect both women and men. In women, common symptoms include hot flashes, night [...]

Prolotherapy, a Non-surgical Means of Relieving Joint Pain, 12-Part Series

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The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine presents a seminar on relieving chronic back, hip, knee, and joint pain through the non surgical technique of Regenerative Injection. The presenter is Dr. David Wang. Dr. [...]

Dr. Kaplan Discusses The Health Benefits of Meditation

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On Memorial Day Dr. Gary Kaplan spoke about the power of meditation to protect and heal the brain from post-traumatic stress injury. Dr. Gary was featured on the "Health Alert" section of Channel [...]

Dr. Kaplan Discusses the Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

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Did you know that dark chocolate is chock-full of antioxidants that fight dangerous free radicals in your body? Dr. Kaplan also explains how dark chocolate helps to reduce blood pressure, increase the elasticity [...]

Dr. Kaplan on How to Avoid Getting a Migraine Headache

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Dr. Gary Kaplan appears on Fox News 5 to talk about stress-related migraines. He describes the difference between a migraine and a "regular" headache, and he lists some of the triggers that can [...]

Diagnosing & Treating Celiac Disease, 7-Part Video Series

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Dr. Gary Kaplan addressed the DC and Northern Virginia Celiac Support groups at their June 5, 2010 meeting. In the attached video, Dr. Kaplan describes Celiac Disease (CD), as an autoimmune disorder with [...]

Gluten Intolerance, 6-Part Video Series

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In Part 1 of this six-part video series, Cheryl Harris, RD, describes gluten-containing grains to avoid, the spectrum of gluten sensitivities, and chronic illnesses and pain conditions that can be improved by eating [...]

Preventing Colds & Flu, 5-Part Video Series

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Dr. Gary Kaplan discusses how to prevent flu by taking a Vitamin D supplement. Our body use sunshine to make Vitamin D, but most Americans are deficient. If you have too little Vitamin [...]

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