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Vitamin D and You: What’s Your Individual Assessment?

Many of us are not getting enough Vitamin D to maintain optimal health. How does Vitamin D affect our health? In many ways. Maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D helps to control blood pressure and blood glucose, it helps us maintain a strong immune system and a healthy weight, and it helps prevent cancer. It [...]

Non-Surgical Joint and Arthritis Pain Options: Harness Your Body’s Natural Healing Power

Suffer from sprains, strains or arthritis pain? Here’s why you should consider prolotherapy. What is Prolotherapy? Prolotherapy, which is short for "proliferative therapy," is a sophisticated, but minimally invasive, method of Regenerative Injection Therapy where natural solutions, such as high concentration dextrose, are delivered to areas of injury to restart and maximize the body's own [...]

Mission of Mercy to Honduras is a Success

Dr. Gary Kaplan experienced first hand the success of Prolotherapy treatment, when it relieved his wife’s intense pain, allowing her to stave off hip surgery. Dr. Kaplan vowed “Once I saw what this amazing alternative treatment could do, I knew I had to find out more about it and be able to offer it to [...]

Dr. Lilienfield Noted for Excellence in Holistic Medicine

Does your doctor tell you to exercise and eat right? Most docs do, but this one walks her talk big time. Lisa Lilienfield, MD, is an accomplished athlete who has won numerous awards for power-lifting and previously held the Maryland State Women’s Master Level record for dead lift. She is also a certified spin-cycling and [...]