Beyond Mindfulness: The Emerging Science of Consciousness

Mindfulness is enjoying a great deal of attention from the scientific community of late. And indeed, the practice of mindfulness – of training attention to rest in the present moment – is nothing less than vital to creating a fulfilling life. But it is only half of the story.
Our minds are immensely powerful. While science is learning about the brain in increasing detail, its knowledge of mind – of consciousness – is in its infancy, and what we are learning from this emerging science is nothing short of miraculous. How does belief affect biology, to the extent that the placebo effect must be corrected for in every serious scientific study? How is it that our intentions affect physical reality? Is it possible that science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin, one incomplete without the other, both vital? And most importantly, what does this emerging field tell us about our innate power to manifest our highest vision for our lives and our world?
Come and listen to Laura Parris, MTS, tell the story of your consciousness, and be inspired by how you can shape it. Learn how science is transitioning from a Newtonian view of mind: “My mind exists within the dense material form of my body, thus I am separate from everything else;” to an Einsteinian view of mind: “In a quantum field of interconnection, consciousness is connected to everything, and thus my mind influences the reality around me and within me.” Laura will explore some of the latest consciousness research, and you will be given tools to experiment with this new science in your own life.

  • WHAT: Beyond Mindfulness: The Emerging Science of Consciousness
  • WHEN: Thursday, June 11, 2015, 7-8 PM (Be sure to arrive by 6:45 for refreshments and a good seat!)
  • WHERE: Dolley Madison Library, 1244 Oak Ridge Ave, McLean, VA

This lecture is free and open to the public. Seating is limited so please RSVP by calling 703-532-4892 or by sending us an email..
Click here to read Laura Parris’s complete bio..
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