Conquer Unhealthy Eating Habits For Life

Do you know what you should, and want to, do with your diet and health, but lack the support, structure, encouragement, and feedback to make it happen? Have you tried a variety of diet plans, but not yet succeeded in making the lifestyle changes that will allow you to sustain a healthy weight and diet? Do you have a strong sense of where you want to be with regard to health and fitness?
Research confirming the link between the digestive system and the strength of the immune system has never been stronger. Good nutrition is critical in preventing disease and attaining optimal health so that we can act with vitality, think clearly, and feel great. And while our nutritional goals may be clear, the path to attaining them can sometimes be filled with obstacles. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, modify your diet due to an illness or condition, or simply eat smarter, a nutritionist can help you safely and confidently achieve those goals.
[frame_left src=””]Vanessa Berenstein, M.A., R.D.[/frame_left]Last month Vanessa Berenstein, an Integrative and Functional Registered Dietitian, joined our team of healing experts. Vanessa specializes in digestive disorders, chronic pain, weight loss, diabetes, eating disorders, and natural detoxification protocols. Her passion is to help others experience powerful transformations through food and lifestyle choices by creating dynamic, interactive experiences to make it as simple, delicious, and fun as possible for her patients to turn healthy behaviors into sustainable habits.
If you live in the Northern Virginia area and would like to take that first step towards building healthier eating habits, please call our office or use our contact form to make your appointment with Vanessa today. No referrals are necessary.

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