Happy Feet! The Kaplan Center Offers Custom Orthotics

The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine offers Full Biomechanical Analysis of your legs and Custom Orthotics.

Types of foot structures that benefit from orthotics are the rigid high arch foot, the over-pronated foot, and the sensitive diabetic foot.

When we have proper foot and ankle alignment, our healthy feet easily absorb shock and transfer our body weight from the heel at heel strike to push off. But not all feet are able to accomplish this smooth motion and mechanical stress.

Conditions that can benefit from custom orthotics include: Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, bunions, hammertoes, Morton’s toe, ankle pain, knee and hip pain, low-back dysfunction, repetitive injuries, and arthritis.

Benefits of having custom orthotics include:

* Reduced foot and ankle pain
* Less knee, hip and back pain
* Improved walking pattern and endurance
* Ability to stand longer
* Better balance
* Obtain proper alignment of your foot and ankle
* Unload pressure from a bunion
* Support for your arch
* Shock absorption for the entire bottom of your foot

For more information or a consultation with Michele McLellan, PT, OCS, CLT, on our custom orthotics please call at 703-532-4892, ext. 2.

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