Is Biotoxicity-Neurotoxicity the Root of Your Illness?

//Is Biotoxicity-Neurotoxicity the Root of Your Illness?

Is Biotoxicity-Neurotoxicity the Root of Your Illness?

The painful symptoms of biotoxicity/neurotoxicity are similar to the symptoms of and can manifest as the following disease conditions: fibromyalgia, migraine headaches or chronic headaches, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), chronic fatigue syndrome, recurrent sinus infections or chronic sinusitis, asthma that is unresponsive to conventional therapy, or autoimmune diseases such as: psoriatic arthritis, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. If your condition has not responded to conventional medical treatment, biotoxicity could be contributing to your condition.

We are all exposed to varying levels of environmental toxins – at home, at work or when traveling – through exposure to molds, insect bites, heavy metals, food preservatives, or other harmful chemical agents. Biotoxicity occurs when the body’s normal biochemical systems managing digestion, respiration, joint flexibility, brain function, etc. are impaired after a person has inhaled or otherwise ingested toxins.

In most people, the liver is able to break down biotoxins, so they can pass through the intestines and be excreted from the body. In about 20 percent of the population, however, this elimination process fails. This group lacks the proper liver enzymes to break down toxins, so instead of being excreted, the toxins are reabsorbed through the lining of the intestines back into the body. The body then sequesters the toxins wherever it can – damaging the muscle tissue, nerves and connective tissue in these “holding areas.”

If the underlying cause of your pain or illness is biotoxicity or neurotoxicity – and your treatment plan does not include detoxification treatment – your overall recovery is likely to be incomplete and slower than it needs to be. After consideration of your overall medical history, your current symptoms, your genetic makeup, your history of exposure to biotoxins and your lifestyle, biotoxicity can be identified or ruled out as a cause or contributing factor, and your treatment plan can be individually tailored to help resolve your pain problem.

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Gary Kaplan, DO
Gary Kaplan, D.O. is the founder and medical director of the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine and author of Total Recovery: A Revolutionary New Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Pain and Depression. A pioneer and leader in the field of integrative medicine, Dr. Kaplan is one of only 19 physicians in the country to be board-certified in both Family Medicine and Pain Medicine. Dr. Kaplan is a Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine and serves on the Advisory Committee to Health and Human Services for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. To read Dr. Kaplan's complete bio, click here.