Dr. Lisa is teaching yoga!

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Dr. Lisa is teaching yoga!

UPDATE: Dr. Lisa’s one hour flow Vinyasa Yoga has a new time & location

When: Beginning November 14 (Dr. Lisa will not be teaching classes between now and November 14)

Where: 6888 Elm Street (SyteraYoga’s new, larger space is located in the same building they are in now)

New Time: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Join Dr. Lisa for a one hour flow Vinyasa Yoga every Wednesday evening from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. at SyteraYoga, just down the street from the Kaplan Center.

Power Vinyasa

Don’t let the name intimidate you! Dr. Lilienfield’s class, called Power Vinyasa, is perfect for all levels, beginners and experienced. The class will provide mindful Vinyasa flow sequences that are challenging, yet accessible for all, offering variations that enable you to practice at your own level while keeping up with the flow. And, when you mention the Kaplan Center Newsletter you’ll get your first class with her free** so you can see if this is right for you.

Why yoga?

The benefits of yoga are indisputable. Studies show that yoga reduces stress, increases working memory by increasing the size of the hippocampus, increases executive function, reduces anxiety, improves sleep, improves bone density, reduces pain… and the list goes on and on! This is because yoga is more then a stretch. Yoga is an ancient practice that encompasses philosophical pearls of wisdom called Yamas and Niyamas, includes movement called Asana, breathing called Pranayama, and explores stages of meditation. Studies show that the practice of controlled breathing and meditation increase heart rate variability which reflects the parasympathetic nervous system, the opposite of fight and flight and reduces the stress hormone, cortisol.

Dr. Lisa encourages all her patients to look into the practice of yoga whether it be in a class setting or privately with a yoga therapist. Come try out the class!

* Free first class is for Dr. Lilienfield’s Power Vinyasa class only and for students who are new to SyteraYoga only. You must mention the Kaplan Center Newsletter. Call to register – 202-365-8978.

Here are some links to research confirming the many health benefits of yoga:


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