A Letter to Patients from Nour Amri, Clinical Integrative Nutritionist

Hello, My name is Nour, and I want to heal your gut!

I feel so privileged to work as the Clinical Integrative Nutritionist here at the Center among a team of exceptional providers with a common goal: optimizing your health. My part is to look at your gut from the inside out to identify – and then restore – underlying imbalances that may be affecting other aspects of your health.

I took this role in 2018 after working closely with Dr. Kaplan for nearly 3 years while completing my degree in Integrative Nutrition. Since then I have been sharing my knowledge with my patients and working in partnership with them to address all their dietary concerns and goals.

I graduated with a Masters’ degree in Integrative Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health and completed my clinical and research experience at the Kaplan Center. I am also trained in Mindful Eating, Stress Reduction Techniques, Culinary Arts, and am currently completing the training to become a Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (CKNS).

I approach my practice by combining the principles of Integrative Medicine and the fundamentals of Functional Nutrition. I strongly believe that the patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process and involving you in the decision-making is crucial for success. I also consider the mind, body, spirit, and community support in directing my recommendations. I use evidence-based medicine and back up my supplement and dietary recommendations with research. I also offer personalized dietary plans and strategies because we all have a different genetic makeup that is influenced by our environment and lifestyle. My consultations include weekly meal planning and shopping lists, healthful recipes and recommendations about cooking methods, food storage techniques, and teaching you how to eat mindfully.

While working as Dr. Kaplan’s research assistant, I had the unique opportunity to incorporate the science of our research with the application of the information while working with patients. One particular research study that I found to be most intriguing was looking at the gut microbiome of patients diagnosed with chronic pain and neuropsychiatric diseases and comparing it to a healthy population. I can honestly say that I am fascinated by how gut bacteria can be a major modulator of health and disease in the human body. My dedication and love for science and research help me remain up-to-date on the latest evidence-based trends and products to provide the best care to our patients.

If you have dietary concerns or want to improve your nutritional and overall health, I would love to partner with you and be part of your successful healing journey.

Cheers to health,
Nour Amri MS, LDN, CNS
Clinical Integrative Nutritionist

To schedule an appointment with Nour, please call 703-532-4892.

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