Dr. Gary Kaplan Featured in Prevention Magazine

//Dr. Gary Kaplan Featured in Prevention Magazine

Dr. Gary Kaplan Featured in Prevention Magazine

Is Inflammation What’s Causing Your Depression?

by Kate Lowenstein, Prevention Magazine, April 2014

It’s a riddle that vexes even the most lettered researchers – a widespread medical predicament affecting more people than cancer and heart disease combined, and yet there’s no consensus on what’s to blame. One hundred million Americans suffer from chronic pain, and they deal with it day after day with no clear fix. Twenty-one million have depression, and for many of them, medication and therapy help only so much. In this progressive medical age, doctors can transplant people’s faces and manipulate genes, but they still can’t seem to cure-or sometimes even effectively treat-these common conditions. Why? Gary Kaplan, DO, an osteopathic physician who’s been dubbed the Doctor of Last Resorts, thinks he knows…

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