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100 Percent Improvement

I had a 100 percent improvement in my health.

In the late 1990’s I began experiencing pain in my legs and neck, and gradually my whole body began to hurt. An MRI revealed that I had arthritis in my neck. As time progressed, my symptoms worsened until I was suffering constantly from severe pain. By 2002-2003, my pain was almost unbearable, and it remained so, in spite of seeing a number of different doctors, including a specialist at a well-known pain clinic.

When I saw Dr. Gary in 2003, he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, sleep disturbances, osteoarthritis, muscle imbalances and plantar fasciitis (foot pain). The first thing Dr. Gary did was address my sleep problems. Sleep behavior modification and medication improved my sleep tremendously, which, in turn, helped reduce my pain level.

Dr. Gary also provided me with acupuncture treatments that were very effective in addressing the muscular and myofascial pain I was experiencing. Dr. Gary also used osteopathic manual manipulation and, occasionally, trigger-point injections to address my muscle pain. He referred me to one of the Center’s excellent physical therapists, who helped me resolve longstanding postural problems, and eventually develop my own at-home exercise and stretching program.

After suffering for 15 years with muscle pain, sleep problems, and chronic tiredness, I had a 100 percent improvement in my health. The Kaplan staff has done everything for me I ever could have asked: reduced my chronic pain, eased my sleep problems, and vastly improved my overall health.

– Grant Williams

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