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Caring Whole Person

The Kaplan Center’s atmosphere of caring for the whole person stands out.

Dr. Lisa Lilienfield has treated me for chronic sinus infections, shoulder and hip pain, the side effects of breast-cancer treatment, regular OB-GYN check-ups, depression, and menopausal issues.

The services I’ve received include basic check-ups, manipulation, acupuncture, physical therapy, craniosacral treatment, lymphatic drainage therapy.

The Kaplan Center has been my “touchstone” for health and wellness for over two decades. For any issues of concern for my well-being, the Kaplan Center has provided just the right care. Their holistic approach has supported me in all areas: body, mind and spirit! I feel truly cared for and listened to at each visit.

My breast cancer journey epitomizes my Kaplan experience. From the time of my diagnosis through today (cancer-free for 3 years), I have felt completely supported by the Kaplan staff. Every step of the way they educated, encouraged and empowered me. I saw several of the exceptional practitioners along the way, each one giving me greater strength and support to make me the cancer “thriver” that I am today.

Compared to other healthcare environments, the Kaplan Center’s atmosphere of caring for the whole person stands out. Also, the Kaplan team of practitioners are “on the same page,” communicating with each other to ensure that I receive the best plan of treatment.

The most valuable aspect of the care that I have received is knowing that the staff care about me, and not just a patient, but as part of the “Kaplan wellness family.”

When someone is looking for a doctor, I tell them, “The Kaplan Center’s doctors and staff will treat you with the greatest respect, giving you the best medical service and treatment available. This will be done efficiently and effectively, and yet they’ll spend all the time that you need to feel truly cared about.”

It is a rare combination. Thank you to all!

– Mary Wright

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