they are compassionate human beings

/they are compassionate human beings

they are compassionate human beings

Everyone I have worked with at the Kaplan Center is not only very professional and excellent at what they do, which is reducing chronic pain, but also they are compassionate human beings that do listen and care about you, something it took me years to find.

Their holistic approach really makes the difference. Believe me, I was hit by a car and had tried many different approaches. I knew I was a really complex case because my whole left side was in constant severe pain no matter what activity I was doing, but at the Kaplan Center, they have really been able to help me recover.

From the moment I met Dr. LeBaron, she did listen to me, she has been helping me not only to reduce myofascial pain (on my left side of the body- from head to toe) but also to improve my digestion, and sleep. Whenever I travel, she gets my muscles completely relaxed and ready using her excellent ostheopatic manipulation skills. Now I am at a point in which when there is pain, it is mild to moderate and it is only localized in small areas of the body and it keeps improving. She introduced me to two excellent physical therapists and one acupuncturist at the Kaplan Center:

At first Pat Alomar, whose great intuition and PT skills reduced pain and anxiety significantly.

And now Michelle McLellan, a very experienced and gifted professional PT, who has been allowing me to keep reducing pain, gain strength, significantly increase activity and have self-managing tools to release pain wherever I am. First thing I remember that got me impressed was that I had had a shoulder injury for almost 10 years that was always hurting and in the first appointment pain went from 8 to 2 in the pain scale. That shoulder is healed now.

Rebecca Berkson, an excellent acupuncturist that have helped me recovered inner peace, and released a lot of pain. Many times I have finished a session with her completely pain free.

– Maria P.

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