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Digestion Normal Again

After a few weeks, my digestion started to be more normal again.

Pat, I absolutely have to tell you how magical your hands, your care, your touch have been in treating me for my digestive problems last Spring. You have been amazing!!!

I came to you with debilitating digestive problems which had terribly worsened over the past year: constant nausea, acid reflux, some vomiting, very slow and long digestion, flatulence and stomach pain, fatigue, reaction to all kinds of foods including essential foods like fruit, vegetables, aliments containing fibers, acidity and fat, to mention a few. My diet became so restricted it made my life totally miserable. On the top of that, I was lacking the vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. I normally get through food. I was getting depressed for the first time in my life.

I had been seen by two gastro-enterologists in Arlington Hospital and in Georgetown Hospital. I was diagnosed with a small hiatal hernia (which could possibly be operated on at some point if nothing else worked) but that was all and no other treatment than Omeprazole was offered to me to alleviate my symptoms. After a while, even Omeprazole was not really efficient anymore and I was concerned about the side effects of high dosages of Omeprazole taken over such a long period of time. I was especially concerned about calcium depletion and bone density issues.

Dr. Gary Kaplan, who has been my medical guardian angel for more than 20 years, referred me to you, Pat, as a sort of last resort person, a miracle-worker… I am a world traveler not spending much time anywhere, and I had only four weeks left in the US before my next trip when I met you. You were then quite reassuring; you were confident you could help me in just few sessions… Well, you did !!!

You treated me with “visceral osteopathy.” As I often am when facing a new treatment, I was hopeful but a little skeptical. After a few sessions, I had to recognize it started working… When you saw and touched the long scar I had on the tummy (from a surgery which took place long ago), your attention went immediately to the scarification tissues which had grown under the scar and around my viscera. You started working on those tissues to try to unlock or to unblock my organs. After few weeks wherein I was not taking any medication anymore, my digestion started to be more “normal” again.

I felt much better after few weeks and now, months later, I am feeling very good. Many thanks, Pat, for your help. You have been wonderful. Many thanks to Dr. Gary Kaplan also who recommended me to you. I hope this note will help your talent to be even better known and widely recognized.

– Geneviève D.

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