Dramatic Improvement In Pain Mobility

/Dramatic Improvement In Pain Mobility

Dramatic Improvement In Pain Mobility

I noticed a dramatic improvement in pain and mobility!

A year ago, I was suffering from extreme pain and swelling in both my knees due to severe arthritis. I couldn’t run or climb stairs, and overall, I was having difficulty moving and participating in activities the way I truly wanted to. I was heading in the direction of needing to have surgical replacement of both knees.

Dr. Gary suggested a course of PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections to reduce the pain and swelling in my knees. I began once-a-month treatments in September, 2011, and by the time I went on a vacation in December, I noticed a dramatic improvement in pain and mobility! I hardly took any over-the-counter pain medications during the trip.

[testimonial_meta]Not only has PRP worked for my knee, but I have also received PRP injections for a pre-existing condition called coccydynia – inflammation of tailbone. As before, the PRP treatments significantly reduced the pain and inflammation in my tailbone, and helped me return to a higher level of mobility and comfort. PRP has been a vital component of the care I have received from the Kaplan Center.

I have been coming here for 15 years, and I consistently turn to Dr. Gary for his expertise and the Center’s holistic approach to medicine. Not to mention the nursing staff at the Kaplan Center is top notch! With the Kaplan Center, I feel involved in the process of my own treatment. When I am in the office for an appointment, I have Dr. Gary’s complete and undivided attention, and I know he provides the same courtesy to all of his patients.

I would recommend the Kaplan Center to family and friends searching for high-quality, integrative medical care.

– BK

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