Excellent Medical Care And Compassion

/Excellent Medical Care And Compassion

Excellent Medical Care And Compassion

Everyone at the Kaplan Center always offered me excellent medical care and compassion.

I have sought the care of Dr. Gary and the Kaplan Center for many years, for ailments from perpetual allergies causing me to miss work, to a knee injury from a skiing accident. In January 2008, I discovered a suspicious lump in my breast. I brought up my concern with Dr. Gary, and he immediately scheduled an MRI. A few days later, I was in surgery to remove the cancerous tumor. The following year was extremely trying and difficult, yet Dr. Gary was always there for me. My body was suffering due to chemicals from the cancer treatments, and I was exhausted from seeing countless other doctors — oncologists, radiologists and surgeons – but Dr. Gary was a constant. Even when I was afraid I wouldn’t get through the year, he had complete confidence in me and my body’s ability to overcome this “bump in the road.” And I did. By the end of 2008, I was cancer-free.

What set Dr. Gary apart from my other providers that he didn’t just provide medical care, he supported and encouraged me throughout this very, very difficult process. A patient undergoing cancer treatments within the conventional medical model does not receive the extra tools and care that I received from the Kaplan Center. Everyone at the Kaplan Center was aware of my situation and always offered me excellent care and compassion. I especially thank Dr. Gary, Linda, Jodi, Nash, Robin, Michael and Martha for their kindness and concern. I am now getting my body back, and the Kaplan Center continues to be critical to maintaining my overall health and wellbeing.

– Sandy M.

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