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Have My Life Back

I have my life back.

I came to the Kaplan Center in January, 2007, with chronic pelvic pain. The direct cause was a tailbone that had been twisted drastically out of position by a fall that occurred at least 40 years earlier. This condition had not been properly diagnosed until I went to the Kaplan Center. I originally saw Dr. Lisa Lilienfield, who correctly diagnosed the problem and came up with a regimen to alleviate the pain. I began seeing Jeanne Scheele, a physical therapist with Kaplan. She worked with my back and pelvic muscles to loosen the tightness.

While I am not completely pain free now, I have my life back. I can go to restaurants whenever I want, and this past weekend I even went to a couple baseball games in Philadelphia! This is something I could never have done in the recent past. In fact, talking to my brother, we realized this was my first trip to the ballpark in 15 years. This was just one of my issues when I began going to Kaplan. I had also developed a general depression anxiety, perhaps brought on in part by my cramped lifestyle due to pelvic pain, and Dr. Lisa treated me for that as well.

– Doug M.

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