Improvement After One Month

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Improvement After One Month

I began to feel the first improvement after only one month of treatment

One day I felt the most intense spasm in my tailbone to the point I felt like I was going to pass out. The next day, all my muscles in my abdomen and low back felt like they had spasmed. I also noticed that my digestive system was not moving. It progressively got worse- it felt like my entire digestive system had paralyzed/gone flaccid. I was in intense pain and not to mention fear. It was hard to go to work, hard to sleep, simply hard to function. My body was under so much stress that I lost 30lbs and my hair started falling out.

I went to gastroenterologists who couldn’t find much and didn’t know what to tell me. In desperation, I called the Kaplan Clinic. The doctor immediately said that it sounded as if I had such a bad herniation, along with other spinal issues, that the nerves that controlled my digestive system had been compromised.

Fast forward several months of acupuncture, physical therapy, and a few injections, life started to change. I started to feel improvement after one month, but the real improvements started after a few months. After 6 months I was able to travel to Florida on a mini-vacation, still watching what I ate and taking it easy. After one year I was able to go back to kayaking, hiking.

During this time frame, I also saw Jeanne, physical therapist. I was told, “She’s one of the best in the country” and I believe it. She has extensive knowledge with complex cases, which isn’t always easy to find in the world of physical therapy. She always brings hope that her patients will get better, and is very compassionate. She also gives great massages! Jeanne was a big part of my recovery. ALL the staff at the Kaplan Center are skilled and very caring, which is so important when as a patient, you are coming in with pain, fear and sometimes hopelessness.

I have referred family and friends to the Kaplan Clinic and they have been very happy with their results.

– Marissa Frumento

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