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Keeps My Body Working

Most importantly, he keeps my body working!

I have known Dr. Gary since he finished his residency and was working out of his house. Throughout the years, I have sought his care for various conditions and received treatments including acupuncture and OMT. Most importantly, he keeps my body working!

He has not only improved my physical well-being, but If I’m going through bad times he has always been available and willing to talk to me as long as it takes. I have often recommended him to patients, who after many years, are still seeing him.

Dr. Gary has grown in the same direction as I have with his abiding interest in alternative medicine. I would never trust anyone else with my body. He is one of the family and my husband and daughter have known him as long as I have. Dr. Gary has helped us get through the worst of times and knows us all, including my father!

– Anna Parris

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