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Not Medicating Fixing

They are not just medicating the problem – they are fixing it!

I first went to the Kaplan Center to find relief from frequent migraines and pain from runner’s knee. Thanks to Dr. Gary, I am able to live my daily life without pain. Before seeing him, I had at least three migraines a week!

I then turned to Dr. Dave to help me with my runner’s knee. I used to have pain in both knees, but it is almost completely gone after just two visits.

Both Dr. Gary and Dr. Dave treat my problems with solutions that really work. They are not just medicating the problem – they are fixing it!

The Kaplan Center also does not accept insurance so they do not have to deal with the difficulties with that aspect of healthcare. They are by far the best doctors, and it is the best money you can spend on your well-being. Aside from not being in pain anymore, the Kaplan Center is always accommodating and everyone is super friendly and actually cares about my well-being – and that is priceless!

I would advise anyone to visit the Kaplan Center at least once. It is amazing what they can do.

– Erin Fraker Mueller

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