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I am now stronger than I’ve been in 10 years!

The providers at the Kaplan Center have helped both my daughter and me – through the courses they offer and the treatments they provide. I underwent a couple of abdominal surgeries over the years, and since then, have been cautious about participating in abdominal exercises. I attended Jeanne Scheele’s core stabilization class, and she taught me the importance of core health, even given my history. With this knowledge, I started an exercise routine that is gentle on my back, yet effective. I have been using her program three to four times a week and am now stronger than I have been in 10 years! Jeanne is very gentle, encouraging and knowledgeable – three characteristics that can be difficult to find in one provider.

In my daughter’s situation, knee pain due to patella femoral syndrome prevented her from playing soccer. The physical therapy she received was effective and she returned to the soccer field pain free!

The practitioners at the Kaplan Center provide comprehensive care using multiple modalities to improve the health of the entire person – both in mind and body.

– Marjorie V.

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