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Off Medication And Pregnant

I was able to get off the medication and safely get pregnant.

Surgery to repair a femoral hernia had left me in chronic pain. I suffered from fatigue and such debilitating low-back pain that made even walking almost unbearably painful. In fact, to get around, I had to have a handicap sticker on my car and much of the time, use wheelchair. I was taking so much time off from work that I was afraid I might lose my job. Worst of all, my husband and I wanted to have a baby, but I was in far too much pain and taking too many medications to even consider it.

At the Kaplan Center, my doctors determined that the surgery had resulted in nerve entrapment. This and degenerative disease of the low-back was keeping me in constant pain.

Mine was a multidimensional course of treatment that included: acupuncture, trigger-point injections, osteopathic manual therapy, counseling and mind-body work. These treatments, in combination, alleviated so much of the pain that I was able to get off the medication and safely get pregnant. A year after beginning treatment at the Kaplan Center, my husband and I welcomed a baby girl into the world! I am so grateful.

– PH

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