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Step By Step Feedback

At each step along the way, Dr. Gary asked for my feedback.

I saw Dr. Kaplan for muscle pain and weakness in my left arm and hand, and the treatments he used included acupuncture, OMT and craniosacral therapy.

How did my daily life improve? After treatment, my pain level, on a 5-point scale, went from 4 down to zero, and I had no recurrence of pain for 8 months thereafter. I experienced about a 60% improvement in the strength of my left arm, about a 50% improvement in the strength of my left hand and middle fingers.

Dr. Gary is different from most other physicians in that he takes an integrative, holistic approach to treating patients. Also, the other physicians and medical providers work as a closely-knit team, coordinating patients’ care. Finally, I was really encouraged to participate in the diagnostic and treatment process. At each step along the way, Dr. Gary asked for my feedback.

The high quality of the staff, attentiveness, treatment strategy and results gave me faith that I could avoid neck surgery in the near to medium term, if not entirely. Dr. Gary’s astuteness and concern about one’s overall physical and mental health is invaluable.

If someone was looking for a doctor, I would advise them to consider alternative approaches to treatment that are non-invasive and that draw on the body’s own healing power. And I’d also tell them, “Go see Dr. Gary!”

– Aubrey Williams

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