8 Steps to Getting to & Maintaining a Healthy Weight

/8 Steps to Getting to & Maintaining a Healthy Weight

8 Steps to Getting to & Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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-What does it mean to have a healthy weight?
-Are you holding on to extra weight that won’t budge?
-Are you exercising and eating well and you still can’t lose weight?
-Have you been “starving” and depriving yourself off and on for your whole life and still not able to optimize your weight?
-Do you hate going out because you struggle to find something to wear that you feel good in?
-Do you have diseases, disorders or pain that you know will resolve with a healthier weight and body?

Dr. Nayo Wills offers weight loss solutions from a Functional Medicine perspective and talks about why her 8-step program has worked for thousands of patients under her care. She covers:

• the major obstacles that are keeping you from losing weight and how to remove those obstacles for good;
• how to improve your relationship with your body and food in order to release unnecessary weight;
• how to stop obsessive thoughts about eating that prevent weight loss;
• foods you should be eating that will support a healthy weight, and those you must eliminate;
• why you need to detox every day; and,
• what underlying imbalances need to be addressed to achieve and maintain optimal weight.



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About the Author:

Nayo Wills, MD
Nayo Wills, MD, is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and has extensive training and experience in Integrative and Functional Medicine, spirit-mind-body medicine, metaphysics, acupuncture, weight optimization, and nutritional healing. To read Dr. Wills' complete profile, click here.