CES 2018: Digital Health Product Spotlights

/CES 2018: Digital Health Product Spotlights
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CES 2018: Digital Health Product Spotlights

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to return to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year to examine the newest technologies in digital health. Companies showcased a variety of products – from those that promote relaxation and improve sleep, to wearables that track fitness or even help manage pain. These technologies are allowing consumers to take charge of their health and make more educated lifestyle decisions. And, they are securing their spot in clinical use as well, enabling providers to make faster, more informed decisions in their patients’ care.

The misuse of prescription medication has made it more important than ever before to find new, drug-free ways for people to manage their health. I spoke with several companies that offered exciting new solutions, some of which will even be implemented at the Kaplan Center! We have made these interviews available below for you to watch and share.

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Howard Rose, co-founder of FirstHand Technology, discusses how Virtual Reality is finding its place in pain management by offering patients a mindful, immersive, and drug-free environment for reducing pain and relieving stress.

Damien du Chéné of Dreem discusses their “smart” sleep headband and how it monitors every stage of your sleep cycle to identify negative sleep patterns that may be affecting your health.



Christine Fonock-Smith of ReliefBand explains how their wearable device reduces the number of medications you need to take by managing nausea through neuromodulation.

Elizabeth Hubler of LifeFuels shows us their hi-tech water bottle that uses fuel pods to provide the body what it needs – great-tasting and healthy beverages, packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.


David Poole of NuCalm introduces their new product that uses drug-free technology to promote relaxation and improve patterns of sleeplessness due to medical conditions or the everyday stresses of life.

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