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The Gut-Brain Connection

Nutrition & Its Role in Ending Chronic Pain

A Community Health Lecture: October, 2013

In this 3-part video series, Gary Kaplan, DO, discusses:

  • The neuro-physiological connection between the human gut and brain.
  • The gut’s role in mediating chronic pain conditions.
  • The effect of pain medications and antibiotics on gut health.
  • The problem of “leaky gut” and how this condition contributes to chronic pain, inflammation, obesity, fatigue, metabolic syndrome and depression.
  • How to improve gut health through nutrition, exercise and stress management.
Part I: Central Sensitization Syndrome and Neuro-inflammation (19 mins)

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Part II: Leaky Gut Syndrome: Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Treatments (19 mins)

Part III: Celiac, Gluten, and Other Food Sensitivities (23 mins)

Nutritional Supplements for Inflammation

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About the Author:

Gary Kaplan, DO
Gary Kaplan, D.O. is the founder and medical director of the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine and author of Total Recovery: A Revolutionary New Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Pain and Depression. A pioneer and leader in the field of integrative medicine, Dr. Kaplan is one of only 19 physicians in the country to be board-certified in both Family Medicine and Pain Medicine. Dr. Kaplan is a Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine and serves on the Advisory Committee to Health and Human Services for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. To read Dr. Kaplan's complete bio, click here.


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Free Guide: 10 Brain-Boosting Nutritional Supplements

Learn which supplements help to Nurture and even Heal your Brain for improved memory, mood, and overall cognitive health!