Probiotics And Gut Health, A 3-Part Video Series

/Probiotics And Gut Health, A 3-Part Video Series
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Probiotics And Gut Health, A 3-Part Video Series

Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria and yeast that support gastrointestinal health, urinary tract health, favorable cholesterol levels, and the immune response.

Watch Maria Hepler, RDN, CLT discuss the growing body of research that demonstrates how these fascinating microorganisms benefit our bodies. Topics of discussion will include:

– Factors affecting intestinal micro flora;
– How probiotics can help a variety of health conditions (including beneficial strains for specific conditions)
– What to consider when choosing a probiotic supplement; and,
– Probiotic foods

Maria also demonstrates how to make homemade Water Kefir (you can find the recipe here)!

The featured video above is Part I, titled: What Are Probiotics?

Part II: Choosing The Right Probiotic For You

Part III: Do It Yourself Probiotics: Homemade Water-Based Kefir Demonstration

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