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Minimizing Breast Cancer Risk

According to the American Cancer Society, over 1.7 million people are expected to be newly diagnosed with some form of cancer this year alone. The causes of cancer are complex; genetics and our environment can play a large role. So while there is no sure way to prevent it, the tests, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations [...]

  • Hormone Levels and Risk of Alzheimer’s

Hormone Levels and Risk of Alzheimer’s

Last month at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Chicago, studies were presented in relation to lower hormone levels contributing to possible risk of dementia. One study, Women’s Reproductive History and Dementia Risk, which looked at 15,000 women in California, showed that women were less likely to develop dementia later in life if they started [...]

5 Steps For Better Health If You Have a Chronic Illness or Pain

Today, medical care is a highly specialized and compartmentalized business, and many physicians are pressured by significant time constraints. When your health problems are complex, it can be difficult and frustrating to find answers. Be your own advocate, don't be afraid to ask questions and seize control of your health.   5 Important Steps For Better Health When You Have [...]

Hormones, The Great Communicators

A look at some of the causes of hormonal imbalance. Somewhere in the middle of the brain is a control center called the limbic system, or old mammalian brain. Here, amongst a host of structures are two glands of the endocrine system: the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. These glands act as a hub for the [...]

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: 6 Myths Busted!

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD) is a highly personal topic, so it is rarely discussed among family, friends, and sometimes even doctors, leaving many individuals to suffer in silence. Consequently, there are common misconceptions surrounding the condition - which we're here to "bust!" MYTH 1: Pelvic floor dysfunction is always associated with pelvic pain. FACT: Pelvic [...]

  • natural solutions for pain

Natural Solutions For Women’s Common Aches & Pains

4 Ways Women Can Fight Chronic Pain By Julia Westbrook Article reprinted from www.RodaleNews.com You don't have to live with the pain any more. Here are 4 natural solutions for common painful problems for women. Men may have a reputation for sucking it up and soldiering on, but it's women who are the ones suffering [...]

Dr. Lisa Lilienfield on Female Athletes & Iron Deficiency

What Female Athletes Need to Know About Iron Deficiency by Gabriella Boston Article reprinted from www.WashingtonPost.com, October 14, 2014 A year ago, local running coach and veteran marathoner Kathy Pugh was preparing for the Marine Corps Marathon. But despite a tried-and-true training program, it wasn’t going well. “I just didn’t have the energy,” Pugh says. [...]

Dr. Lilienfield Explains How Women Can Proactively Assess Their Risk of Developing Breast Cancer

Identifying And Confronting Breast Cancer Risks Thanks in part to government projects such as the Women’s Health Initiative and outreach by celebrities like Angelina Jolie, the risks associated with breast cancer are commonly discussed in the national media. Still, many women may wonder where to begin after determining the need to assess their own risk [...]

Identifying Your Risk of Breast Cancer

In 2013, Angelina Jolie announced that she had undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery as a way of minimizing her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She generously shared her story with the public, explaining that her mother had died of breast cancer at the age of 56; that she, Angelina, had [...]

Fertility and Pregnancy Strategies Available at the Kaplan Medical Center

For women who are pregnant or trying to conceive, the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine offers a number of strategies for optimizing a woman's health before, during, and after her pregnancy. We recommend the following strategies to help women experience a successful pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby. Nutrition Most pregnant mothers make a point [...]

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