Every member of the Kaplan medical staff is highly qualified — our physicians are board-certified in family medicine, pain medicine, internal medicine, and/or medical acupuncture — areas that are critical to the successful treatment of complex conditions as well as for improving and maintaining overall health. In addition, our medical team includes licensed physical therapists, a psychotherapist, a nutritionist, an acupuncturist, a meditation instructor, a nurse practitioner, and two registered nurses.

Together, our staff has many years of proven success in providing integrative solutions to address our patients’ unique medical conditions so that they can regain optimum health.

Gary Kaplan, DO

Gary Kaplan


Lisa Lilienfield

Harpreet Gujral, NP

Harpreet Gujral

Nurse Practitioner
Rebecca Berkson, LAc, DipOM

Rebecca Berkson


Jeanne Scheele

Physical Therapist
Patricia Alomar, PT

Patricia Alomar

Physical Therapist

Jessica Briscoe Coleman

Physical Therapist

Jodi Brayton


Laura Elizabeth Dorsett

Meditation Instructor

What to expect from a visit to the Kaplan Center

Whereas a typical doctor visit is only 10.7 minutes long,1 our physicians spend 30-60 minutes with each patient at every appointment. This gives our doctors the critically important time they need to fully listen, probe and delve into problem areas that otherwise might be overlooked. The result: an accurate, comprehensive medical diagnosis and an effective, individualized treatment plan.

Depending upon your unique medical needs, your treatment plan may involve supplemental care such as physical therapy, nutritional counseling or stress management classes. Additionally, the Centerʼs entire medical team, led by the Medical Director, Dr. Gary Kaplan, meets bi-weekly to discuss patient cases. This allows for the full range of the Centerʼs medical expertise to be brought to bear on your case.

1 Gottschalk, Andrew and Susan A. Flocke. “Time Spent in Face-to-Face Patient Care and Work Outside the Examination Room.” Annals of Family Medicine. 3(2005) 488-493, 3 Jun 2008.

We are here for you, and we want to help.

Our goal is to return you to optimal health as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment please call: 703-532-4892 x2