Psychotherapy, EMDR & Guided Meditation

Individuals with chronic pain and illness not only suffer physically — they often suffer emotionally. Emotional pain can range from anger and grief, to feeling emotionally numb, to clinical depression. Our physicians understand that chronic pain and emotional difficulties are often closely intertwined. In diagnosing your pain problem, Kaplan physicians take time to assess not just your physical symptoms and your overall physical health, but also your emotional state, your cognitive functioning, and your situational stress level.

Sometimes the emotional issues become so bound up with a physical disorder that psychotherapy is essential to a patient’s recovery. The Kaplan medical team includes Jodi Brayton, a psychotherapist who offers supportive therapy, psychodynamic and cognitive therapy, pain-management therapy, guided meditation, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing).

Psychotherapy can help individuals become more aware of their own thought processes, so they can begin changing negative thoughts and more effectively manage stressful life situations, such as family and interpersonal issues, including dealing with difficult colleagues or supervisors at work. Using a pain-management protocol, our providers can help patients learn ways to reduce their perception of pain, including the frequency, intensity or quality of painful sensations. This therapeutic approach strives to help patients both resolve their emotional pain and reduce their perception of their physical pain. After participating in pain-management therapy, patients often find themselves feeling well enough to return to the activities that they enjoy and that give meaning to their lives.