The Kaplan Center = A More Effective Model of Care.

In 1985, Dr. Kaplan created the Kaplan Clinic in Arlington, Virginia, to offer patients suffering from chronic pain and illness a more effective model of medical care. Incorporating the best elements of conventional and alternative medicine, his goal was — and continues to be — to provide an integrative approach that attends not only to a patient’s physical symptoms but also addresses the root causes of an individual’s pain and illness, including problems of the mind and spirit that may be contributing to the disease process. At the Kaplan Center, you’ll find professional expertise, strong communication between you and your provider, and a high level of collaboration among the members of our medical team in caring for you. The result: We put you back in charge of your life and help you attain optimal health.


Our physicians are board-certified in medical specialties crucial to the non-surgical treatment of chronic pain and illness: family medicine, pain medicine, internal medicine, and/or medical acupuncture. Our medical team also includes licensed physical therapists, an acupuncturist, a psychotherapist, a nutritionist, a meditation instructor, and two registered nurses.


We partner with you by taking whatever time is needed to understand your symptoms, the onset of your condition, the nature of your pain sensations, and the therapies that have and haven’t worked for you in the past. This gives our doctors the critically important time they need to delve into problem areas that otherwise might be overlooked.


We work as a highly coordinated, tightly integrated healthcare team. Depending upon your unique medical needs, your treatment plan may involve supplemental care such as physical therapy, nutritional counseling or stress management classes. On a regular basis, your case is jointly reviewed by all of the Kaplan Center providers you see to ensure that your care is carefully coordinated.

In addition, the Center’s entire medical team, led by the Medical Director, Dr. Gary Kaplan, meets bi-weekly to discuss patient cases. This allows for the full range of the Center’s medical expertise to be brought to bear on your case.


You receive a more accurate, comprehensive medical diagnosis, an effective, individualized treatment plan — in writing and in plain English — and continual monitoring to evaluate your progress. In sum, we combine excellent medicine with a highly personal, time-intensive and integrative approach. This allows us to find solutions for chronic pain and other longstanding illnesses that have previously eluded effective treatment. Our goal is to return you to optimal health, and we won’t give up on you.

This focused professional training, our uniquely integrative, non-surgical treatment approach, and our years of experience make us true specialists in successfully treating chronic pain and illness.

We are here for you, and we want to help.

Our goal is to return you to optimal health as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment please call: 703-532-4892 x2