Dr. Gary Kaplan’s Membership Practice

We are now accepting patients into Dr. Gary Kaplan’s Membership Practice. As a member you will have special access to Dr. Gary Kaplan and his specialized Team of providers that will be working towards one common goal: returning you to optimal health and keeping you there.

Our patients tell us that our Membership is different from other medical groups they have visited. We offer our full and undivided attention with extended appointments so you will never feel rushed or unheard.

Dr. Kaplan’s typical patient has been shuffled around the medical community without answers, some for a very long time. Many of his patients have seen 20+ doctors, of every specialty, all over the country. Many times, they feel invalidated, like no one is listening or looking at them as a whole person. Deep down they feel like something is very wrong, but doctors just keep trying medications or treatments to minimize symptoms. That’s what makes Dr. Kaplan different from other doctors, he works to get to the root of the problem. Most importantly, he listens, hears you and believes you.


VIP Access to a Leader in the Field of Chronic Illness

Dr. Kaplan has made profound contributions in the field of Chronic Pain & Illness over the last 35 years. Board Certified in both Family Medicine and Pain Medicine, Dr. Kaplan is uniquely qualified to address even the most complex health conditions.  

Limited Practice Size

Caring for fewer patients allows Dr. Gary to be more available, accommodating, and responsive, and gives him ample opportunity to consult with his Team and provide you with more personalized attention.

Coordinated Care

Your Kaplan Care Team will include Dr. Gary, Dr. Mitch Moreau, and longtime nurses, Robin and Nan. Dr. Gary will still be in charge of your care, but you will also meet with his Team members to follow-up or work on certain elements of your treatment plan. The Team will give timely access to urgently needed appointments and follow-ups.

  • Multi-disciplinary Approach
  • Doctor Always On-call
  • Collaboration with Other Physicians
  • Access to Highly Coordinated Care Team led by Dr. Gary Kaplan

  • Timely access to urgently needed appointments & follow ups.
  • Access to Latest Treatments
  • Longer, never-rushed appointments
  • Assistance with:
    • Prior Authorizations
    • Making Outside Appointments
    • Approvals for Medications
    • Filing Insurance

As a Member . . .

As a member of Dr. Kaplan’s practice you will have direct access to him and the team of medical professions that he has wisely selected. With you at the center, the team will work towards one common goal: returning you to optimal health.

Your Kaplan Care Team will include Dr. Gary Kaplan, Dr. Mitch Moreau and experienced nurses, Robin and Nan.

Dr. Gary will be directing your care through office visits with him as well as with the other team members. Your team will communicate with each other and with any specialist involved in your care. Dr. Gary will oversee the process.

Initial Costs

  • Initial 2-hour in-person appointment – $1,925.00. This fee includes a 15 minute phone/cloud follow-up appointment with Dr. Mitch 3-4 days after your first visit. A $600.00 deposit is required when you schedule, which will be applied to the initial visit charge.
  • 1-hour follow-up appointment (4 weeks after initial visit) – $690.00. After we receive all the test results you will have a follow-up visit with Dr. Gary and Dr. Mitch. This visit can be done in-person or virtually. During this appointment we will go over all the findings and discuss Dr. Gary’s opinion regarding diagnosis and treatment recommendations. At this time, patients will have the option to enter into Dr. Gary’s membership practice.

If you join Dr. Gary’s Membership Practice –

  • 45-min follow-up appointment (2 weeks after second visit) – $315.00. This in-person or virtual appointment will be with Dr. Mitch. Dr. Mitch will review any follow-up testing that you have received, go over your personalized supplement and treatment plan and answer any questions about next steps in treatment.

Please note, no treatment will be initiated by Dr. Kaplan until after the membership contract has been signed. 

Testing costs are not included in the visit charges. For routine lab testing, orders can be sent to LabCorp or Quest, whichever is covered by your insurance. We do work with approximately 20 specialty labs. We have you pay the specialty labs directly for any testing ordered. Each lab has their own billing procedure and we will discuss billing options with you once the tests have been ordered.

Membership Fee

Monthly Fee – $600.00, plus the cost of services (office visits, other provider services, lab testing, IV therapy, etc.)

Call to schedule and appointment with a new patient coordinator at 703-532-4892, Option 2.

Insurance Participation

At the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine, we have chosen to work outside of commercial insurance plans. By doing so, we have realigned our priorities with yours: returning you to optimal health. If your insurance policy has out-of-network benefits a portion of our charges may be covered. Before your first visit, talk to your insurance company about your out-of-network benefits and what they include, as every plan is different. Click here for more FAQ’s, or you can call our office to discuss in detail with Billing Department.

Non-member Consultation Services are also available:

Dr. Kaplan is available to provide a two-visit consultation package for those outside of his membership practice that consists of:

  • A two-hour face-to-face appointment where he will review records and medical history, listen to your story, perform a physical exam and make testing recommendations. Cost: $1,925.00
  • Once all of the test results are back (usually about a month later), you will have a one hour follow-up visit to go over all of the test results, receive his opinion of your diagnoses and a suggested treatment plan. Cost: $690.00

This service has proven very helpful for those who are interested in having Dr. Kaplan offer his expertise regarding their medical case but are unable to join his membership plan. This is a consultation only and does not involve any prescriptions, treatment orders or additional visits. This service offers you a comprehensive evaluation and a suggested treatment plan that you can take back to your medical providers to implement.


Cutting Edge Medicine

The field of medicine is evolving more rapidly than ever before. At the Kaplan Center, we continue to research and collaborate with the top professionals around the world to bring you cutting edge diagnostic and treatment options. We pride ourselves on confronting the toughest medical challenges our patient face head-on, using our extensive experience, knowledge, and outside-the-box thinking to establish a treatment plan that will work for you.


Functional Medicine Approach

We have been using a functional medicine approach since long before it was a catch phrase in medicine. Our goal has always been to get to the underlying causes of what is driving your symptoms, not just throw medication at them. We offer a multi-disciplinary approach with team collaboration to address all aspects of your medical conditions.

Our patients tell us that we are different from other medical groups they have visited. We offer patients our full and undivided attention with extended appointments and thorough multi-disciplinary care.


Complex conditions are often difficult to diagnose and treat.

We work hard to stay up-to-date on the latest breakthroughs in medicine and look at ways use them to help our patients. New ideas, ongoing research, collaboration with other medical professionals and different perspectives are critical to the teams ever-improving model of care.

What Patients Are Saying…

Dr. Gary Kaplan has helped me so much in treating me for Lyme and mold toxicity. I have a good quality of life now whereas before I did not. The staff is great also. Highly recommend especially if you have seen many doctors and still don’t have any idea what is wrong with you.


Kaplan Center was able to diagnose and treat an illness that traditional medicine had dismissed. We are truly grateful for Dr. Gary’s perception, knowledge and perseverance!


I thank God that my husband found Dr. Kaplan on the internet. I had lost hope because no other doctor knew what to do with me or would even see me. I am profoundly grateful for The Kaplan Center. They are an amazing team of knowledgeable and caring people. My life is forever changed and my health has been restored. What an awesome place – a true gift!


We look beyond conventional medicine to help you achieve a happier, healthier life.

In looking for clues that may be contributing to symptoms of illness or disease we systematically assess and optimize the following six major areas of health:

» Immune system
» Energy systems
» Heart and metabolic systems
» Hormone systems
» Detoxification system
» Gastrointestinal/digestive systems

We work as a highly coordinated, tightly integrated healthcare team.

On a regular basis, your case is jointly reviewed by all of the Kaplan Center’s providers you see to ensure that your care is carefully coordinated. This approach allows for the full range of our team’s medical expertise to be accessed in diagnosing and discussing treatment options for most cases we see. The results are seen in more accurate diagnoses, individualized, comprehensive treatment plans, and continual monitoring to evaluate your progress.

We are here for you, and we want to help.

Our goal is to return you to optimal health as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment please call: 703-532-5805