An Interview with Dr. Nayo Wills on Detoxing And Wellness

/An Interview with Dr. Nayo Wills on Detoxing And Wellness

An Interview with Dr. Nayo Wills on Detoxing And Wellness

Detoxification is a crucial component to correcting imbalances in the body and maintaining wellness. When done right, you’ll see benefits in many areas including weight management and maintenance, hormonal balance, gut health, brain health and clarity, and energy levels. But detox can go wrong too. Trying to detox without the proper guidance and understanding of how it will affect your body in particular, may be more harmful than helpful.

If you have been tempted to detox, or you have tried with less than optimal results, join Dr. Nayo on Saturday, September 21, at ITR’s Women’s Health & Wellness Day, to discuss the ABCs of detoxing, its pitfalls, and its benefits when done right.

Dr. Nayo’s lecture “Demystifying Detox” will cover:

  • The signs and symptoms that indicate a detoxification program might be helpful
  • Safe and simple detoxifying foods and supplements
  • Why working with a Functional Medicine Physician may be beneficial to leverage all the health benefits for vitality and wellness
  • The pitfalls of doing a detoxification program without a comprehensive assessment

This event will be held at the District Architecture Center, 421 7th St, NW, Washington, DC 20004.

Learn more or REGISTER for WHWD 2019 by clicking on the button below! Use “KAPLAN20” when you register to pay $79.00 – that’s 20% off the registration fee! 

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About Women’s Health & Wellness Day 2019

Women’s Health and Wellness Day is a day-long celebration of women’s bodies and an opportunity for education and empowerment. Come and experience a community of women, educators and healthcare providers coming together to honor ourselves as women while we learn, share knowledge and connect with ourselves and our bodies. You will leave this unique experience feeling more connected and inspired and part of new community of like minded women to help lift you up!

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About the Author:

Nayo Wills, MD
Nayo Wills, MD, is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and has extensive training and experience in Integrative and Functional Medicine, spirit-mind-body medicine, metaphysics, acupuncture, weight optimization, and nutritional healing. To read Dr. Wills' complete profile, click here.