Why Cholesterol Levels Are Not the Best Predictor of Heart Disease

Individuals with higher-than-normal cholesterol levels are commonly prescribed statins in the hope of reducing their risk of heart disease or stroke. Yet, the medical research to date indicates that statins actually have very limited usefulness in preventing heart disease unless the patient already has a personal history of the disease. This may be due, in [...]

Treating The Pain of Peripheral Neuropathy

Q: I have moderate to severe neuropathy below both knees and some tingling and numbness in both hands. Exercise exacerbates my condition and my legs can be painful. I need to exercise to lose weight and manage my diabetes and blood pressure. I'm concerned about taking gabapentin due to it can cause nerve damage with [...]

5 Tips To Help You Manage Your Medications

The next time you visit your doctor you’ll most likely leave with a prescription in hand. For every ailment there is a recommended treatment. Whether it’s an antibiotic to treat an infection, a statin to control cholesterol, or even a simple daily aspirin to reduce the risk of heart attack, we take these medications and [...]

Is Your Medication The Root Of Your Chronic Pain?

5 Pills That Might Be Hurting You By Julia Westbrook Article reprinted from, Jan/2015 It's time to stop ignoring the aches and pains and finally live a healthy life. More Americans are suffering from chronic pain than have diabetes, according to a panel of researchers at the National Institutes of Health. While 29 million [...]

Understanding the Risks of OTC Painkillers

5 Problems With Over-the-Counter Painkillers By Emily Mann Article reprinted from Pills you pop every day could be causing serious damage in the long run. Aspirin is hailed as a miracle drug, and there's not a person among us who hasn't popped an ibuprofen or acetaminophen to deal with achy joints or a crushing [...]

Can Antibiotics Cure Your Chronic Back Pain?

Scientists at the University of Southern Denmark say, “Maybe.” New research indicates that 20 to 40 percent of all chronic, lower back pain is caused by bacterial infection and that treating this infection with an extended course of antibiotics can help many patients avoid back surgery. As a physician who cares for patients with chronic [...]