Understanding Long-COVID Syndrome

Understanding Long-Covid Syndrome

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To date there have been 44 million people who have now contracted COVID-19 in this country.  COVID in and of itself is a horrific disease that has resulted in many deaths, but there is a problem past the acute illness of having COVID. We are now seeing somewhere between 10-30% of people who had COVID end up chronically ill.

Learn more about Post-COVID Syndrome and download our special report now.

If you are experiencing symptoms beyond six weeks of being diagnosed with COVID-19, our Long-COVID Recovery Program may be suitable for you. 


In this Special Report, we cover:

  • What is Long-COVID Syndrome?
  • Common symptoms of Long-COVID Syndrome
  • Underlying Infection that Kickstarts a Multisystem Chronic Illness
  • Teaming up with Cutting Edge Researchers
  • Digging Even Deeper to Find Total Recovery
  • The Kaplan Center Approach

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