Celebrate National Yoga Month With These Yoga Poses

In honor of National Yoga Month, Laura Dorsett, MTS, demonstrates a few yoga poses that help to relieve tension in the neck, back and hips, and will leave you feeling revitalized. These gentle stretches are a wonderful introduction to yoga for beginners! National Yoga Month was created by the Department of Health & Human Services [...]

Digital Health Technologies @ CES 2017

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over 175,000 attendees and nearly 4,000 exhibitors gathered to showcase and view the newest innovations in consumer technology, and once again digital health technologies were an area of real innovation!

  • Quell wearable

Quell: Wearable Device For Reducing Chronic Pain

One of the highlight's from my visit to the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV earlier this year was Quell - a wearable electronic device that uses cutting-edge technology to manage pain. Using wearable intensive nerve stimulation (WINS) to block pain signals in the body, the device is designed to be [...]

Digestive Health and Aging

Dr. Gary Kaplan discusses supplementation for digestive health and mitigating the effects of aging at the Prevention 2014 R3 Summit.     Watch more highlights from Dr. Kaplan's panel discussion where he speaks about diet, digestive health and aging, nutrient and vitamin deficiency, and more, here.

  • indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality: Solutions for a Healthy Home Environment, 4-Part Video Series

Improving indoor air quality is the topic of this lecture given by David K. Young, MPH of INLOGIX Enterprises, LLC. Can you identify and reduce risks around your home that may be impacting your family? David reviews the relationship of your home environment to your family’s physical and mental health, teaching you how [...]

CES 2015 | Wearable Brain Imaging Device – NIRSIT-PF1

Wonsun Chung, CEO of OBELab, explains how their product, NIRSIT-PF1, is changing the future of brain imaging. This wearable brain imaging device is fully wireless & portable and allows real-time measurement of cognitive changes in the prefrontal cortex. To watch more videos from Dr. Kaplan's CES & Wearable Data series, click here.

CES 2015 | Body Monitoring and Computational Systems Biology: LifeQ

Franco Du Preez, Chief Science Officer at LifeQ explains how their scientists have created a device that uses computational systems biology and body monitoring to create an accurate and immediate record of personal physiology. To watch more videos from Dr. Kaplan's CES & Wearable Data series, click here.

CES 2015 | Fitness Tracking + Social Networking: Under Armour Record

Dr. Gary Kaplan talks to a representative from Under Armour about their new fitness tracking app - Under Armour Record - which includes a social network for athletes and fitness enthusiasts where they can map and share their fitness activities and achievements. To watch more videos from Dr. Kaplan's CES & Wearable Data [...]

CES 2015 | The Brain Sensing Headband – Muse™

The Brain Sensing Headband by Muse is a brain training tool that helps to reduce stress. Here, Trevor Coleman, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Muse, talks to Dr. Gary Kaplan about how their product uses a neurofeedback process to improve your brain health. To watch more videos from Dr. Kaplan's CES & [...]

  • Wearable Technology Changing the Landscape of Healthcare

Wearable Technology At CES 2015

Wearable technology and data is everywhere, as evidenced at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that took place in Las Vegas, NV. CES hosted nearly 300 health and biotech exhibitors - a sharp increase from years past - and wearable technology and health monitoring devices were in abundance. Dr. Gary Kaplan examined some [...]

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