Could You Have Sleep Apnea? 3 Things to Consider

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep apnea affects more than eighteen million Americans. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which is a condition characterized by pauses in breathing while you sleep, usually occurs when the soft tissue in the rear of the throat collapses and the airway is blocked. Throughout the night, as an individual struggles [...]

5 Steps to Happier Holidays

Greetings & Happy Holidays! The holidays can be an intense time for many of us, with parties, travel and house guests, shopping, cooking, and more .... making it quite easy to get overwhelmed. So I would encourage you to try to slow down, if you can - doing so really can help make the holidays [...]

Yoga Rooms Offer Respite at Busy Airports

Attention yogis! You may think that the airport is the last place you could find a moment of tranquility, but in an effort to make airline traveling a less stressful experience for its customers, a handful of airports are trying to change that perception. In 2012, San Francisco International Airport made history by being the [...]

Feeling Groggy? You May Be Sleeping Too Much!

Getting Too Little or Too Much Sleep Is Unhealthy by Julia Westbrook Article featured on, Feb 25, 2015 The most common red flag is often the one we're likely to ignore. Sleep is a fickle creature—like Goldilocks. Too little, and you're pounding back coffees in the morning. Too much, and you're head is [...]

7 Steps to Re-energize Naturally

Beat the Seasonal Energy Crisis Outsmart the mid-day urge to take a nap Article reprinted from Well!, a publication from, Fall/2014 If you find yourself wanting to crawl into bed after work these days, rest assured you're not getting lazy. And it's not your imagination that you feel more sluggish now that the sun [...]

Achieving “Wellness”

4 Things Your Body Wants You to Know by Julia Westbrook Article reprinted from, October 7, 2014 Wellness is well within your grasp, as long as you know what you're looking for. "Wellness" is always the goal when it comes to health: Boost your mental well-being; feel great every day; relieve pain, symptoms, and [...]

Embracing the Holidays

Many of us look forward to celebrating the holidays with our friends and family; but probably just as many of us also approach this season with some level of anxiety. In addition to the fun of gift-giving, enjoying special holiday foods, and reuniting with friends and family, there's the stress of gift-giving, preparing holiday foods, [...]