Myofascial Pain

Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) is a common chronic condition characterized by pain and sensitivity in the muscles and the connective tissue that cover the muscles. These very painful, sensitive spots or “knots” in the tissue are often referred to as “trigger points.” When pressed, these points can trigger pain in other parts of your body, a phenomenon known as “referred pain.” Myofascial pain is different from regular muscle pain in that it does not resolve away on its own.

patient receiving PT treatment for myofascial painWhat causes MPS? The most common causes are muscle injury, repetitive stress on a particular muscle group, injury to a disc, and poor posture. People who experience high levels of stress or anxiety are more susceptible to developing MPS, as their muscles are more likely to be chronically tight.

If you are experiencing deep aching muscle pain that persists or worsens despite adequate rest and other self-care methods (such as the application of ice and/or heat), you may have myofascial pain syndrome.

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At The Kaplan Center, our physicians have years of experience treating patients with MPS and other chronic pain conditions, and we completely reject the notion that “you just have to live with it.”

At your first visit, your Kaplan physician will take time exploring the onset of your condition, the specific nature of your symptoms and the overall status of your health. You’ll also be asked about the medications and therapies you’ve tried in the past, and what has and hasn’t worked for you. To gather additional information about your condition, specialized diagnostic laboratory testing may be necessary.

After reviewing all of the factors contributing to your condition, your physician will spend time talking with you about your diagnosis and working with you to create a customized and multi-dimensional treatment plan that addresses not only your immediate pain but also any possible underlying or co-existing conditions that may be causing or aggravating your symptoms.

We offer a multitude of effective treatment options, including:

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