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Why You Are Still Sick: How Infections Can Break Your Immune System & How You Can Recover

by Dr. Gary Kaplan & Donna Beech

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Publication date: May 10, 2022
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Over 20 million Americans suffer from debilitating chronic illnesses with varying symptoms. Children can be healthy one day, then crippled the next with emotional outbursts and bizarre symptoms. High-achieving adults can find it impossible to focus or sustain their energy. Now we know why.

A new autoimmune disease has emerged. Exciting medical research at the cutting-edge has clearly identified the condition, but most physicians do not yet understand how the symptoms are connected, much less how to treat this disease, so you can regain your vitality.

WHY YOU ARE STILL SICK explains this new autoimmune disease and shows you the steps you can take to recover. The power to take charge of your own health is in your hands. These are the same techniques Dr. Gary Kaplan uses to treat autoimmune diseases at The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine with astonishing success.

Praise for Why Are You Still Sick

“Inspirational, enlightening and informative. This book bridges the gap between integrative and conventional medicine and supports your journey to healing. I highly recommend it.”
Dr. Anna Cabeca, DO, OBGYN, FACOG, bestselling author of The Hormone Fix, Keto-Green 16 and MenuPause

“Gary Kaplan is not only a pioneer in his field, he’s a badass who is changing the face of medicine. This book holds everything I wish I knew twenty years ago about autoimmunity. It’s an incredible resource for anyone with chronic pain and illness. It will bring hope and health to so many people.”
Dave Asprey, Host, The Human Upgrade Podcast and Founder, Bulletproof 360

“What am I missing? What do others like me know that I don’t? I think there must be an answer out there for my pain and suffering what with all the fantastic medical advances of the last few years. I just don’t know what it is and sometimes I feel despair.” If these thoughts have been going through your mind, then this book is for you. It provides a path and plan to finally alleviate your pain and suffering and return you to a time when you could just be you. This book is a breakthrough and a revelation and can truly help where others have failed.”
Richard Rossi

“When patients get told for the fifth time that their symptoms are all in their head, a window should open and Dr. Kaplan’s book should come sailing though. This is critical book should be read by every medical student, nurse, and physician.”
Sarah Ramey, author of the critically acclaimed book The Lady’s Handbook for her Mysterious Illness

“Dr. Kaplan takes us on a journey of understanding our immune mechanisms and the havoc that can occur when a system designed to protect from infection turns against us, resulting in autoimmunity. With the creative use of analogies, such as the “ravaging raccoons,” he helps us understand that a heightened immune response directed at our own cells can create a diverse constellation of symptoms from chronic fatigue to depression, irritable bowel and POTS. Touching vignettes from his own patients’ experiences illustrate the pitfalls of just treating individual symptoms and the critical need to identify and treat the underlying infectious disease at the root of the problem. Dr. Kaplan’s compassionate approach brings striking clarity to overwhelming symptoms and provides patients with a roadmap to recovery.”
Helene A. Emsellem, MD, director, The Center for Sleep & Wake Disorders

“Our current healthcare system and research capability has mostly failed to help our patients with chronic, complex, and costly autoimmune diseases. Patients with these conditions feel lost and dismissed in our healthcare system. They have learned they need to educate themselves in order to navigate through the confusion and be better advocates for effective healthcare. Our immune system protects us, but past infections and chronic, difficult to detect current infections and other danger triggers can provoke our immune system to cause chronic illness. The Step-By-Step Guide to Recovery section of the book helps patients to understand treatment options that are available. Knowledge of these options helps patients make better informed consent decisions. In short, Dr Kaplan’s book gives the general public knowledge of both complex autoimmune disease and treatment options; and knowledge is empowering.”
Robert C Bransfield, MD, Distinguished Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association



1. Missed Infections 3

2. How Your Immume System Can Turn On You 17

3. How Infections Trip Off Autoimmunity 37


4. Unhealthy Sleeep 55

5. Abused Gut 73

6. Environmental Toxins 93

7. Emotional Trauma 109


8. SARAH | Strange Symptoms Of Infection 123

9. EMILY | Nothing Would Ever Be The Same Again 143

10. NATHAN | Terrifying Personality Change 161

11. JANET | Keep Looking. I Know Something’s Wrong 179


12. The Three Steps 199 Step One

13. Eliminate Infections 201 Step Two

14. Heal Your Immune System 213 Step Three

15. Heal Your Sleep 227

16. Heal Your Gut 237

17. Heal From Environmental Toxins 251

18. Heal Your Emotional Trauma 269

19. Heal With Support 287

20. Hope For The Future 313

Acknowledgements 321

Endnotes 325

Gary Kaplan, D.O. is the founder and medical director of the Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine, in McLean, Virginia. A pioneer and leader in the field of integrative medicine, Dr. Kaplan is one of only 19 physicians in the country to be board-certified in both Family Medicine and Pain Medicine. Dr. Kaplan is a Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine and serves on the Advisory Committee to Health and Human Services for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Dr. Kaplan created the Kaplan Center to offer patients suffering with chronic pain and illness a more effective model of medical care. He offers an individualized treatment program to each patient, integrating, as appropriate, both conventional and alternative medical approaches, providing evidence-based medical care that supports and enhances each patient’s natural ability to heal.

In 2015 he established the Foundation for Total Recovery in order to provide support and find a cure for all who suffer with chronic pain and depression by educating patients, building an online community of patients, doctors and researchers, partnering with leading researchers, academics and innovators, and studying data to find a baseline approach to diagnosing and curing neuroinflammation.

Dr. Kaplan is the author of two books, Total Recovery: A Revolutionary New Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Pain and Depression (Rodale, 2014) and  Why You Are Still Sick which will be released in 2022.

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