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A Revolutionary New Approach to Breaking the Cycle of Pain and Depression





If you have suffered for years without relief, this remarkable book may change your life.
—Andrew Weil, MD, author of Spontaneous Happiness

Why can’t I get better?
Did my doctors miss something?
How can I recover?

According to Dr. Gary Kaplan, conventional thinking about the nature of chronic pain and depression is essentially flawed. Although physicians continue to diagnose conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chronic back pain, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, a growing body of research shows that these are in fact symptoms of something else – a deep-rooted inflammation in the brain. This inflammation can affect the nervous system for months—even years—to devastating effect.

In Total Recovery, Dr. Kaplan demonstrates that it is possible to “quiet” the inflammatory state at the root of chronic pain and depression, and lays out a revolutionary new medical approach to ending your suffering, and reclaiming your health.

With cutting edge science and clinical expertise, Gary Kaplan has identified the source of the inflammation that keeps patients in an endless cycle of pain and depression. He offers profound insight into the way our life experiences have a cumulative effect on our health. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has suffered without relief or wants a deeper insight into how our bodies work.
Mark Hyman, M.D., author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, The Blood Sugar Solution, and chairman, the Institute for Functional Medicine

In Total Recovery, Gary Kaplan offers a potentially game-changing insight: the neurological key to the inflammation that keeps patients in a perpetual cycle of pain and depression. If you have suffered for years without relief, this remarkable book may change your life.
Andrew Weil, M.D., founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center, and author of True Food

This fascinating book reads like a detective novel, but it’s not fiction. Gary Kaplan is a thoughtful integrative doctor willing to spend hours—even years—getting to the bottom of his patients’ chronic pain and illness. What he has learned could help you.
–Arthur Agatston, M.D., Medical Director of Wellness and Prevention for Baptist Health South Florida and author of The South Beach Diet

Dr. Kaplan’s book draws on his decades of research and clinical practice offering us paradigm-shifting insights into the causes of chronic pain. I highly recommend this book to the millions of people who live with pain and are seeking new answers.
–Brian Berman, M.D., Professor of Family and Community Medicine and Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine
, University of Maryland School of Medicine

This book reads like a riveting detective story, in which case study after case study leads to one of the most compelling findings in recent medical history. By unveiling and responding to the real culprit in chronic pain, Dr. Kaplan’s Total Recovery represents a radical shift in understanding illness and the path to optimal health.
–Tara Brach, Ph.D., author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge

Gary Kaplan is the Sherlock Holmes of chronic pain. In Total Recovery, he describes how to uncover the underlying causes of chronic pain and, how by correcting them, seemingly hopeless patients can move toward health. It is a “must read” at every pain center, by every pain physician and for every patient with chronic pain.
–Wayne B. Jonas, M.D., President and CEO, Samueli Institute, Former Director (1995-1999), Office of Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health

Dr. Gary Kaplan is so good at seeing the whole person—looking for clues among seemingly disconnected events, as well as health issues that are frequently ignored in conventional Western medical practice. His highlighting of the role of the brain’s microglia in predisposing patients’ bodies and emotions to over-react to seeming small new traumas is fascinating. This is an excellent work for healthcare providers and patients alike.
–Woodson Merrell, M.D., Chairman, Department of Integrative Medicine, Mt Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center

Despite 42 years of holistic success in managing chronic pain and depression, conventional medicine remains in the Dark Ages in relation to this major problem! What the patient needs is a “Real Doctor,” exemplified here in Dr. Kaplan’s essential book for patients and physicians. Read and heed his outstanding advice.
–C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., President, Holos Energy Medicine Education, Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine, President Emeritus, Holos University Graduate Seminary

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Bev Humphrey (on Net Galley): Very interesting, inclusive approach to chronic pain, and its causes and treatments. My daughter deals with pain every day and I am going to encourage her to read this book; I think it will really help her.

* * *

Donna D. Klagholz, Ph.D.: This book radically changed the way I understand my health and the role of medical treatment! Through case histories, historical medical facts and events, and the most current scientific evidence, Dr. Kaplan makes a compelling argument for a holistic, integrative approach to medical treatment that addresses the patient’s cumulative health issues. I learned an incredible amount of information about chronic health issues that result from illness or injuries experienced across the lifespan. Dr. Kaplan further emphasizes the critical need to identify and address each issue and its source in order to achieve an integrated resolution of both the physical and psychological effects. Since it is written in a very accessible manner and relevant to a diverse audience, I have sent copies to my adult children, siblings, and friends. The bonus is in the last chapter, which gives the reader the tools to achieve a state of good health on their own. I have already started incorporating these guidelines into my daily routine!

* * *

Richard Rossi: Dr. Kaplan has done something new and different — he has presented a way to treat pain and depression that is new and different.

I found this book full of hope — but evidence based hope, along with a clear path and plan to follow. The conclusion by Dr. Kaplan that these miserable conditions are caused by inflammation in the brain is very provocative and he makes his case in a highly effective manner.

The book is well written and clear for lay person and clinician alike. Some of it reads like a mystery novel. Like all successful people, Dr. Kaplan went through years of both success and failure while developing the science and evidence to support this course of treatment.

I think this book can be one of the most important for a sufferer of mental or physical pain. I hope your journey is swift and successful.

* * *

D. Williams: This is one of the best “health books” I have ever read. I have never highlighted a book so much. I did purchase the kindle version, but I would recommend purchasing the book. I found myself wanting to refer back to areas I had already read. In addition, the end of the book Dr. Kaplan lists good reference information.

As someone who has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and feels like my immune system fails me – I felt as if Dr. Kaplan wrote this book for me. Dr. Kaplan combines western and eastern forms of medical practice. Rather than continue to prescribe meds to treat the symptoms, he was determined to get to the root of the cause.

I have always believed inflammation was a definite problem of many of my medical issues and after reading this book, Dr. Kaplan confirmed this. Since reading the book, I have searched the National Holistic Medical Assoc to find a health care provider in my area that can address my needs much like Dr. Kaplan. I will also know what questions to ask thanks to Dr. Kaplan.

If there is anyone who suffers from depression, chronic pain and/or an autoimmune illness – I would highly recommend reading this. This book brought tears to my eyes as I felt Dr. Kaplan wrote this book specifically for me – that he had me in mind! I have never read a book that has made me feel this way. I have had chronic pain for 8 yrs and I feel this book gave me a place to start.

* * *

D. Baragan: I have dealt with chronic pain for the last 15 years (painful bladder syndrome & migraines). My doctors have been able to treat the symptoms but not the cause. Only in the past year I have discovered alternative practices that have begun to help alleviate my paid and ending to get better. Many of these alternative way are described in this book. It’s helped me understand where I am and how I can get better. I highly recommended this book to anyone with chronic pain who has lost hope. You just might find some here.

* * *

Sandra S. Levy: Dr. Kaplan’s arduous search for answers to the chronic, degenerative problems presented by his patients is detailed through their real and often heartbreaking stories, and the step-by-step explanation of what he has learned and is still learning. Here we see the struggle of both patient and doctor illuminated in a rare way by a doctor unwilling to be bound by business-as-usual.

I am particularly interested in Dr. Kaplan’s researches because my massage therapy practice has focused on pain and I have too often witnessed the frustration of some of my clients, who feel as if they are running into brick walls. I have no doubt that patients will find this book–it is the kind of book that will be passed around–and that it will be a source of help and hope to them. One client, who found the book on her own has concluded, quite rightly, I believe, that her chronic pain and poor state of health were abetted by “all the pills they threw at me.” I hope that physicians and other practitioners will also pay attention to what Dr. Kaplan has to say.

* * *

Jane Callanan: At last a truly holistic approach to “healing” chronic pain and depression…not just treating the symptoms! This book well written, very interesting and provides hope for everyone who has been frustrated with their current treatment! Read this book! Wish we could clone Dr. Kaplan…

* * *

A. Ang: I found this book fascinating for many reasons. One reason right off the bat is because it’s not every day that a doctor originally trained in western medicine addresses the (general) history of losing patients (as customers) to non western remedies. This is a well written book that lacks the expected arrogance of a typical Western doctor’s perspective. I cannot remember a time when I have heard any Doctor say that they don’t heal people, but do their best to clear the way for the body to heal itself.
I have said it before, I always enjoy books with insightful information told through the stories of real people as this book does. Many,important and common issues are covered. Turns out that keeping inflammation down anywhere in the body and more focus on digestion and our digestive tracts are key factors to good health.
Filled with smart very progressive information I have been looking for. “I begin by assuming that patients’ intuitions about their bodies are relevant.” What a unique concept!

* * *

Nancee Bullard: I have struggled with pain for almost 20 yrs. now & found this book to be really helpful. The Author, Gary Kaplan is a very smart, insightful & caring Osteopathic Doctor. After many years in practice he comes to some interesting & profound conclusions after treating many patients in pain who aren’t finding help with Western Medicine Dr.’s. I would highly recommend this book to anyone open to holistic health & looking for a way out of pain.

* * *

Karyl Owings: As a long-time patient of Dr. Kaplan’s, I was in awe reading through the mechanics of his approach to healing. I can absolutely vouch that Dr. Kaplan’s techniques work, and can give those suffering from chronic pain a new life. If you’ve ever been told that it’s all in your head, or you just have to learn to live with it, or that nothing more can be done…read this book. Now. Dr. Kaplan’s conversational style is respectful and easy to read – no jargon here! – and it will change your life.


What’s in the Total Recovery Toolkit?


In this series, Dr. Kaplan discusses why people stay in pain, in spite of treatment, and how treatment strategies must change to become more effective. Topics include:

  • The neuro-physiological connection between the human gut and brain.
  • The gut’s role in mediating chronic pain conditions.
  • The effect of pain medications and antibiotics on gut health.
  • The problem of “leaky gut” and how this condition contributes to chronic pain, inflammation, obesity, fatigue, metabolic syndrome and depression.
  • How to improve gut health through nutrition, exercise and stress management.


The Total Recovery Toolkit also includes an 8-minute autogenic meditation instruction MP3 to guide you in exploring several relaxation techniques to help regulate physiological variables such as body temperature and blood pressure. Say ah…


Maintaining a health timeline helps you to see if/when a cumulative problematic health pattern has emerged. If you’re dealing with an illness, it will help you to find evidence of how your illness has evolved over the years. The toolkit includes a health timeline template to effectively track and chart your health history. You might be surprised at what you’ll find!


Finding a top physician to treat your pain can be a tricky business, and it’s important not to make a mistake that could waste time and risk your health. This consumer guide offers 17 things to consider to help you make the right choices.

I hope that you enjoy the free gifts in this companion toolkit to my book, Total Recovery. Simply fill out the form below to get yours!

Wishing you optimal health,

Dr. Gary Kaplan



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