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Lisa Lilienfield, M.D. is board-certified in family medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Lilienfield practices Acupuncture and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and has developed an expertise in both Women’s Health and Sports Medicine. Dr. Lilienfield also serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine’s Department of Community and Family Medicine. To read Dr. Lilienfield’s complete bio, click here

Yoga: More Than Just A Stretch

Q: How is yoga different from stretching or other kinds of fitness? Why does yoga pay particular attention to the spine? Dr. Lisa: Yoga is more than just movement. It is a complex philosophy that has been around for thousands of years, and involves breathing and meditation. Yoga & Spinal Movement One of yoga's emphasis [...]

Potato Chips – Is There a Healthy Choice?

Selecting the healthiest foods at the grocery store is an exercise of the mind. Labels often make lofty claims but when you dig deeper, it's common to uncover problems (for example, ketchup that's labeled as having "half the sugar" but contains artificial sweetener). America’s Favorite Snack When it comes to shopping for snacks, things get [...]

Migraines: Natural Treatment Options For Relief

Migraines are mysterious and unpredictable at times. There are many migraine triggers and treatment is based on evaluation of all the potential contributing factors and triggers. Migraine triggers: Dr. Lisa: Migraine triggers can include weather changes, certain foods, alcohol, caffeine, stress, sleep disruptions, hormonal changes, and overuse of rescue medications. Other conditions that can lower [...]

GERD: A Nutritional Approach to Treating Naturally

GERD or Gastrointestinal reflux is usually a result of irritation of the esophagus from a relaxed esophageal sphincter. In some cases, it is a result of a hiatal hernia, or a bacterial infection called Helobacter Pylori. Dr. Lisa:Certain foods may aggravate GERD such as peppermint, citrus, dairy, tomatoes, grains containing gluten, as well as caffeine [...]

The Many Faces of Fatigue: 3-Part Video Series

Are you tired of being tired? Fatigue, or extreme tiredness, can affect every aspect of life including productivity, social interaction, and emotional stability. Have you ever considered that there may be an underlying health issue that is causing your fatigue? Some of the more common causes of fatigue include thyroid dysfunction, sleep [...]