Snack On This!

//Snack On This!

Snack On This!

Smart snacking means keeping your carbohydrate and protein intake in balance. It will not only maintain your energy level throughout the day, but will also help stabilize mood and mental clarity. Need some ideas? Here are some of my favorite snack combinations!

TIP: Keep carbs to 15g per snack maximum.


Complete Protein & Carbohydrate Snacks

  • Hummus and celery, bell peppers, and/or carrots
  • Avocado “boat” with quinoa (just split the avocado in half and fill it with pre-cooked quinoa, season with any dressing or spices you like)
  • Apple, pear or banana with almond butter (or any nut butter)
  • Sunflower seeds and raisins
  • Plain organic yogurt with nuts and 2 teaspoons of pure maple syrup or honey
  • Baked potato or sweet potato wedges with organic chicken sausage
  • Dried fruit with nuts (make sure to only eat a small fist size portion or ¼ cup)
  • Smoothie with any fruit, greens (kale or spinach), hemp or almond milk and Great Lakes Collagen or Sunwarrior protein powder
  • Plantain Chips with guacamole and HB egg
  • Rice crackers, or Mary’s Crackers, with hummus
  • Chia Pudding 

– Vanessa Berenstein, M.A., R.D.

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