Nutritional Evaluation

Diet Assessment tells your doctor a lot about your lifestyle and foods to which you are regularly exposed.

Food Sensitivity/Allergy Testing* can reveal that certain foods or other environmental elements have created medical problems.

Magnesium-Level Testing will help tell your doctor whether your nervous, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems are functioning properly.

Vitamin D-Level Testing will reveal important information about the health of your digestive, skeletal, and immune systems and other bodily functions.

Intestinal Permeability is important to measure because it affects your immune system and excessive permeability can cause a multitude of irritating or harmful symptoms.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis will reveal any abnormalities in the body’s gastrointestinal functioning.

Detoxification Profile will show if you have toxins in your body that could be damaging your biochemical or neurological systems.

Heavy Metal Testing reveals if you have any metallic toxins in your body that could be damaging your central nervous system and vital organs.

Antibody Testing indicates whether you have or have had any of a range of infections and whether you need immunizations against specific diseases.

Specialized Cholesterol Profile includes measurements of cholesterol, HDL (“good cholesterol”), LDL (“bad cholesterol”), and triglycerides (neutral fats).

Advanced Risk Analysis includes an assessment of other risks that might be affecting your cardiovascular health, such as measurements of lipid fractions.

Electrocardiogram identifies the electrical activity patterns in your heart, which, by identifying rhythm disturbances, can help diagnose problems with the heart.

* When a patient requires Food Sensitivity/Allergy Testing, we provide trusted outside referrals.

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