3-Minute Guided Meditation

Meditation can not only have positive and rapid changes in the brain, we find that our patients who meditate typically sleep better, have less pain, less anxiety and depression, and a better general sense of well-being. But there also has been plenty research over the last decade demonstrating that meditation helps reduce stress and [...]

The Benefits of Having an “Attitude of Gratitude”

Dr. Kaplan discusses how an "attitude of gratitude" during the holiday season can help reduce stress, improve one's emotional resilience leave a person feeling happier and healthier overall.

Beyond Mindfulness: The Emerging Science of Consciousness, 3-Part Video Series

Mindfulness is enjoying a great deal of attention from the scientific community of late. And indeed, the practice of mindfulness – of training attention to rest in the present moment – is nothing less than vital to creating a fulfilling life. But it is only half of the story. Our minds are immensely [...]

Mindfulness Meditation as Therapy, Featuring Deborah Norris, PhD, 3-Part Video Series

Dr. Gary Kaplan welcomes Deborah Norris, PhD, to discuss meditation as an effective clinical therapy for the treatment of numerous health conditions, including both mental and physical health. As the evidence-basis for using meditation in clinical care grows, many people are turning to mindfulness practices for the treatment of pain and associated medical [...]

Dirgha Pranayama: 3-Part Breath for Meditation

Slow Pranayama (breath control) promotes relaxation by shifting the autonomic nervous system from the fight or flight sympathetic to the calming parasympathetic. This has been shown to positively affect immune function, hypertension, asthma, and stress induced psychological disorders. In the video above Dr. Lisa Lilienfield explains Dirgha breath, also known as the “three [...]

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Total Recovery Lecture Series: Mindfulness Strategies for Transforming Your Relationship with Pain

Jonathan Foust, a Senior Teacher with the Insight Meditation Community of Washington and a Founder of the Meditation Teacher Training Institute of Washington, gives a talk entitled, “Mindfulness Strategies for Transforming Your Relationship With Pain & Depression.” In this video series Jonathan introduces concepts of mindfulness and then guides the group through specific techniques that [...]

Dr. Kaplan Discusses The Health Benefits of Meditation

On Memorial Day Dr. Gary Kaplan spoke about the power of meditation to protect and heal the brain from post-traumatic stress injury. Dr. Gary was featured on the "Health Alert" section of Channel 9 News.

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