4 Ways We Can Keep Your Immune System Strong

Now is the time to cultivate healthy living strategies like improving your diet, getting better sleep, losing weight, quitting smoking or vaping, cutting back on alcohol, or starting a regular exercise routine. Any of these changes will make a positive impact on your health, but sometimes the anxiety of making them can get in the way of getting started. If you need help setting and reaching any of your health goals, here are some ways we can help.

IV Therapy

Long-term vitamin and mineral deficiencies can wreak havoc on anyone’s health, not just the chronically ill (yes, that means you too!). IV Therapy is a highly effective way to deliver vital nutrients to the body whether you are looking to improve or maintain your health.

By restoring optimum levels of key nutrients, like Vitamin C (Modified Myers Cocktail), magnesium, glutathione, or NAD +, our IV patients see benefits that include an increase in energy, a decrease in stress, and improvements in mental focus and clarity. And unlike oral supplements, IV solutions are infused directly into the bloodstream and available for immediate use by your body.

IV Therapy is a natural and effective way to keep your immune system strong, keep your body hydrated, and minimize the negative health effects that come with life’s stressors.

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Nutritional Counseling

Your body mirrors your diet. So, when you feel pain, fatigue, and anxiety, your body is trying to tell you something.

What we know is that chronic inflammation contributes to several pain conditions, as well as depression and other mental health disorders and that cutting out inflammatory foods can make a big difference. But we are not always successful in making those changes.

Professional nutritional counseling is a great way to tackle your personal health goals. Using the latest scientific research, years of clinical experience, and problem-solving skills, our providers can offer you help for every health concern, whether it’s managing an illness, reducing aches and pains, losing weight, or increasing energy and overall wellness.

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Acupuncture for Sleep Management

Chronic sleep deprivation can impair the body’s immune system, physical reflexes, emotional stability, and cognitive functions. Severe sleep deprivation can result in weight gain, an increase in muscle and nerve pain, and even depression.

Acupuncture has been used to treat sleep disorders for thousands of years. Research supports acupuncture’s ability to calm the nervous system, increase melatonin levels, and increase periods of deep sleep (REM) to help restore healthy sleep patterns.

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Functional Medicine Assessment

If you’re not sure where to begin, a Functional Medicine (FM) assessment is a great place to start. Using a systematic approach, we’ll take a close look at 6 major areas of health, including the immune system, to identify areas of imbalance or deficiencies that may be limiting your overall health or contributing to disease. Once identified, you and your doctor are ready to set goals and create a roadmap to achieve them. Because of its whole-health approach, an FM assessment and its recommendations can help prevent illness while optimizing your current state of health.

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There is a lot you can do to keep your immune system strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. To make an appointment for any of the services listed above, or for more information, call 703-532-4892, ext. 2.

We are here for you, and we want to help.

Our goal is to return you to optimal health as soon as possible. To schedule an appointment please call: 703-532-4892 x2



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