5 Steps to Happier Holidays

Greetings & Happy Holidays!
The holidays can be an intense time for many of us, with parties, travel and house guests, shopping, cooking, and more …. making it quite easy to get overwhelmed. So I would encourage you to try to slow down, if you can – doing so really can help make the holidays more joyful and less stressful! Here are 5 ways that you can try to take it easier on yourself at this time of year:

  • Don’t over schedule! Every day has exactly 24 hours in it — be honest with yourself about what you can accomplish each day.
  • Let go of expectations. Be fair to yourself and to others. If you allow expectations to determine your happiness you will often feel let down. Yes, it is hard, but in the end your efforts will be worth it.
  • Be present in the moment. Meditating twenty minutes per day can help reset your body’s autonomic stress response. Over time, it can change your perspective on life for the better.
  • Exercise. The endorphins released in aerobic exercise are the body’s own natural anti-depressants. Not only does exercise lift our spirits, it boosts our immune system as well.
  • Keep smiling. Research shows the simple act of smiling can lift your mood, help lower stress and boost your immune system. What’s more? Smiling is also contagious!

As always, you have our best wishes for your optimal health,
Gary Kaplan, DO & the Kaplan Center Staff

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