Perineural Injection Therapy

Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment™ (PIT) is an advanced injection therapy that heals inflamed or painful nerves resulting from chronic, non-malignant issues.

PIT is a safe and effective treatment for patients who have tried conventional methods to resolve their pain without success and for those who are considering solutions outside of surgery.

PIT for treating nerve pain.What causes nerve pain?

Nerve cells communicate by passing signals to each other. However, when a nerve cell becomes inflamed, this process is disrupted. As a result, nearby cells release chemicals that cause pain in order to alert the brain of the disruption.

Inflammation can be caused by trauma, overuse injuries, sports injuries, or chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, or chronic migraine, to name a few.

Getting an accurate diagnosis to determine the source of your pain is crucial.

How can PIT help?

PIT involves injecting a healing agent next to the injured subcutaneous (below the skin) nerves.

The goal of PIT is to neutralize the existing inflammation. It achieves this by using a low concentration dextrose solution (a naturally occurring sugar in the body) with a pH similar to the body’s natural level.

The dextrose solution helps reduce inflammation and in turn, restores the cells’ ability to signal and function properly.

Most importantly, patients see an almost immediate improvement in pain symptoms.

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What does a PIT procedure entail?

After an examination, your physician will identify the nerves to be targeted. Using a very small needle, injections are then made just under the skin and along the path of the nerve. The dextrose solution works very quickly in relieving pain symptoms, typically within just minutes.

A typical PIT appointment is approximately 45 minutes. The number of treatments needed for long term results will be determined by your physician and the type of injury being treated.

What conditions benefit from PIT?

PIT may be the right treatment to get you back on the path to pain-free living if you suffer from:

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