Healthy Aging For All Ages

//Healthy Aging For All Ages
Healthy Aging For All Ages

Active, Vital, and Strong at Every Age.

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Choose the Way You Age

You can’t do anything about your chronological age, but you can change your biological age.
We’ve been practicing anti-aging medicine for decades. Let us help you.

Staying in the Game

Slowing down the aging process means nurturing your body on a cellular and spiritual level. We do this by using evidence-based medicine with a whole body approach which means applying scientifically proven alternative therapies to treat our patients’ physiological concerns, along with providing the emotional support that is so strongly linked to overall health.

-Are you tired too often or more irritable?
-Are you in pain or depressed?
-Have you experienced a decline in sexual vitality?
-Do “senior moments” occur more frequently?

We can help you!

You’ve been taught that these conditions “are just part of getting older.” However, what we’ve learned, and what research supports, is that memory loss, cognitive decline, joint pain, and many other conditions that are commonly associated with aging, are not necessarily part of the “normal” aging process.

Current research continues to reveal that what we believed to be degenerative changes in the brain associated with aging could actually be the result of years of unresolved chronic inflammation in the brain. Prolonged inflammation causes cellular dysfunction and dysregulation and can have devastating effects on the body.

A Functional Medicine Approach to Anti-Aging

A personalized approach to healthcare is the cornerstone of anti-aging medicine. Our functional medicine physicians understand that every person is different biochemically, physiologically, and psychologically. A successful treatment plan must take into account the unique biochemistry of each individual patient in order to offer the best natural remedies that will enable your body to regulate, recover, and be rejuvenated more quickly when life’s stresses and traumas occur, and most importantly, stop imbalances before they become chronic.

Your life goals are unique, but common to everyone is the desire to remain active, vital, and strong in order to enjoy the richness of life at every age.

Get Started!

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Because your needs are unique, we’ll create an anti-aging program designed specifically for you that will consist of the following:

1. A Functional Medicine assessment with one of our physicians.
2. Diagnostic testing based on your medical profile.
3. An individualized program that addresses your health concerns and goals.

Your program may include any of the following services:

*Available to non-patients of the Kaplan Center as individual services.

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